Looking for an older Oticon side boot


New and just gathering needed supplies for programming. I am currently using an older Oticon BTE units that are working fine. The model is 400 +c . My audiologist has stopped tuning my aids saying they could not tune them because they had updated their software and mine were no longer supported. I kind of don’t believe them but that is their position. I guess you only get so much support. The Oticon Genie software claims it will detect the aids. Hi pro programmer on the way from China, haven’t ordered cables yet. So does anyone have an Oticon side boot they no longer use and would like to sell?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Ken, are you still looking for the boot? Bruce


Yes I am if it’s affordable. I bought another pair of aids but would like to be able to program a backup pair. Thanks, Ken


You might find it on eBay from time to time.