Looking for alarm clock with vibrations



I am looking for alarm clock with a really good vibration.
Best for me will be simple vibration tool which can be connect to iPhone. So I could use Alarm Application.

Currently I have to sleep with hearing aids to weak up on planned time.
I don’t want to buy alarm clock with noisy sound, because I don’t want to disturb my neighbours.

Some tool with huge vibrations will help a lot.

Do you know any?


I have one that is around 20 years old that was made by this company. Also google it, lots there.


I don’t know anything about it, but here’s what I found:


Other options: https://www.independentliving.com/category/alarm-clocks-and-bed-shakers/a


Forget the link I sent. Looks like they only have one model.


Thank you a lot. ‘Shaker’ or ‘bed shaker’ are the words I was looking for! Earlier I tried ‘alarm vibration’ and I ended with erotic vibrator offers. :smiley:


Depending on shipping costs this may suit you. I used one for many years when I lived in a flat and didn’t want to wake the neighbours with a bedside radio alarm clock.


Go to Amazon and put in shake awake. You will find all kinds


Apple Watch works for me!


I use an “inexpensive” vibrating watch. It’s called The WatchMinder.


All or most smart phones have vibration, but you’d have to tape it to the arm for it to have any chance of waking. Some watches, easier to wear, offer vibrate alarm. For me I just can’t hear the electronic alarms without hear aids. So I understand. Being retired I mostly get up whenever I wake up.


Apple watch vibration as alarm works well for me, too!!


This thing really worked well for me:



There are online stores that sells many assistance items for the deaf and hearing impaired.


Another vote for the “Sonic Bomb” alarm clock here - its much, much better than the travel size one I was using before and wakes me up every time. It has lights and the shaker, to make sure you get your butt out of bed. You can adjust how long the snooze timer runs too, which is handy for those of us who like to mash that snooze button a few times.


I SWEAR by this Serene Innovations vibrating clock, which I bought at Amazon.com. It has worked flawlessly, waking me up every single time with a SHAKER that feels like a 4.0 quake.

I set the time, put it under my pillow, and VOILA! Never missed a wake-up shake yet.


I suggest you contact Harris–they are a major distributer of Assistive Technology. Many models I know are discontinued. Voice Phone: Voice 800-825-6758.

If you are an HLAA member ask for discount 10%


A good place to start looking is the Serene Innovations Web site:


They list many products that fit into this category.


I have one of these. It works almost too well. I have to check my heart rate after being waken up by the Sonic Bomb clock!


I’d choose the same one I bought for my kids. Looking up the article for any mathces, I found an interesting item performing LED glowing to help getting up in the morning.


I bought two vibrating alarm clocks on Amazon, then put them in these zippered wristbands. I purchased a red and a blue wristband for right and left. This keeps the alarm clock from being oriented upside down on my wrist.

I started with one, but found I was still sleeping in sometimes. Having two has worked flawlessly for well over a year now.