Looking for Advice on Hearing Aids

I am doing research on Hearing aids. The pair I have now is my 3rd pair in 30 years. My first pair was behind the ear and I did not really like those. I finally got use to wearing one at at time. My next 2 pair were in the ear. I do not think that they ever got “my prescription” right in them. When I wear both hearing aids things do not sound right. I get that tin can sound. On this last pair I bought in 1999 (Micro Clear) I finally got to where I could wear both of them, but one ear never sounded right. Then I began to always have trouble with one. It would cost $125 to send it in…and after several times of paying this and really not getting the aid fixed I finally quit wearing it and just wore one again. I’m 47 years old and can tell my hearing is getting worse. My loss is from nerve deteriation. I miss a lot in conversation. My loss is in conversation level and the highs. I hear lows better than my husband. Before I put several thousand dollars into another pair I decided to research them a little bit to try and find out what aids are best and which ones you have little trouble out of. I have around a 50% loss and my main concern is conversation now. I miss so much even with wearing one hearing aid. With this kind of loss which would be better…digital or analog? The ones I have now are analog. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Hands down, in almost every case, digital hearing aids can be much more effective in dealing with the problems in the past with analog hearing aids.

There are many manufacturers that have great digital aids.

Please look through the forums for some great advice.

3 pairs in 30 years that is a low number of aids?
i would think after 4 yrs it makes sense to buy new aids right?
what would the average life of a working hearing aid is? 4-5 years?