Looking for a very experienced Audiologist - Charlotte, NC area

I have a pair of Widex Unique 330’s, and have a good Audiologist. As a retired Physician, and inveterate tech guy, I’ve also acquired the ability to program them myself, and play around with settings to try to optimize results.

My main difficulty is understanding speech, especially female, such that I have become increasingly reliant on subtitles for TV and Movies, which I would really like to avoid (very distracting visually). I can cup my hands around my ears, and there is usually a noticeable improvement in speech comprehension. But I can’t seem to ‘simulate’ this effect, despite trying a variety of strategies.

I’d like to see about working with another Audiologist, as a kind of ‘second opinion.’ I would want this person to have a high degree of technical experience and expertise, with an openness to ‘out of the box’ thinking. I just keep thinking that a few knowledgeable tweaks in certain settings could make a noticeable improvement.

If anybody knows of an Audiologist like this in the general Charlotte, NC area, please let me know.


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I’m thinking I’m looking for the same thing. Our HAs are only as good as the HIS or Audiologist.