Looking for a hearing aid pouch/container that can be attached to a laynard/keychain. Please help!

Can someone please recommend me a hearing aid container/pouch that can be attached to a keychain, or lanyard? I’m unable to find, any. I’ve google searched, a lot, but all I’ve been able to find is the “hearing aid battery holders” (which also can be attached to a keychain/lanyard).

I’ve been previously storing my hearing aid in a small pouch (which I kept in my front jeans pocket), but I eventually lost that, as well! I’ve lost my hearing aid, several times, already, so I need to be extra careful with the next one. Btw, the reason why I have to remove my hearing aid, a lot, is because of ambience, or loud co-workers.

If anyone knows of a hearing aid container, or pouch that can be securely fastened to a keychain, or lanyard, please let me know. Please try to include a url to the product, if possible. Thanks!

guessing you don’t have a mute button on the HAs or it doesn’t work well enough to block out the loud people…

You might check the drug store for a pill container large enough. There are key chain models.

search amazon.com for “pouch keychain.” There are many.