Looking for a hearind aid for my mom... Signia, Oticon or Starkey?

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I m a new member on this comunity, my name is Johnnathan and i am from Lima Perú.
I arrived here because i m searching information for helping my mother to choose a hearing aid. This is the first time she is going to wear a hering aid and for several years my mom has been reluctant about it. She feels she still hear with some normality, although I have to repeat myself and speech her in a paused and clearly way. So, two months ago, we went to the doctor because my mom has a new sound at night and has trouble to getting slept.

The doctor set a clear position, we could not postpone the use of hearing aids, her hearing loss was going from moderate to servere, deep in high frequencies. And the sound was as a result of it, tinnitus, she felt it during the day but in the night it began to intensify more.

Since that happened, I have searched the main brands of the market, I have read reviews about the models and we have approached the distributors in Lima of those brands. This has been a bit disappointing because I do not feel in many of them a real interest in treating my mother and a purely commercial interest predominates in them. There are no multi-brand hearing centers, each brand has its own distributor and I feel that they give a biased version of the solution. In addition, the tests with the hearing aids have been variable.

My mother is 60 years old and is a bit special and demanding with changes or things that destabilize her calm. With the distributor of Starkey, we were offered the Muse BTE I2400, the model is a bit big and it generates stinging on the skin when she wears it, besides it is noticeable, it is not discreet. Regarding its functions, being a 2015-2016 model, my mom felt comfortable with the sound, but she does not believe in wearing it continuously. In phonak, they offered us the bolero-v but we did not get to the trial because they did not give us a good deal. In unitron, they offered us the moxi fit, I researched and I see that with a receiver xP it can be according to my mom, however when testing the size of the speaker and the dome generates occlusion and repetition of her voice. In oticon, they offered us the OPN 1, which I researched and I see that it has been very awarded for its innovative technology, my mother tried them, she felt that the sound was of quality, that the size was discreet and that it did not bother her, however when going out into open spaces she feels too much noise and also her voice feels strange, it is likely that future calibrations can be solved. Finally we went to the Signia distributor, they offered us the Pure 7PX with a M receiver, she is wearing it at this moment, there are no complaints about the sound of other voices, in open spaces she still feels boisterous but not so much than with oticon, nevertheless she feels her own voice in a more strange way than with Oticon, in addition to this, she feels that her tinnitus increases when the hearing aid is removed, as it is a demo version it is probable that the audiologist has not yet programmed the masker. Recently, I found out that Signia has released a new model, the Nx Pure 7px, with an independent speech processor that if I understand it well, It would solve my mom’s problem by listening to her own voice and I imagine it keeps the noise canceling be open technology like the Oticon OPN.

This new model, the distributor in Peru does not sell it and has no scheduled date for sale. I’m evaluating buying it online and hiring the distributor to calibrate the device, however it charges me 20% of the market value of the hearing aid, which I think is too high.

Well this last is another issue that probably will address in another post. I hope I have not bored you with my story, first I must define the model, I am between the Signia Nx and the Oticon OPN, I would like to have your comments and help. Thank you very much in advance.

People like the Oticon brand as they say Oticon sounds natural. OPN are good hearing aids.


I tried the signia for a short time, the focus was severe, I did hear well, but the focus was extremely dominant, rather very narrow on front, didn’t play long with the settings, after having tried the OPN I sticked with them.

Her voice sounding strange is rather normal, she better gets used to it.

The OPN offer 9dB noise reduction only on the 1, and that is not much compared to other brands. The masker for tinitus is rather used in quiet situations, since it generates a static sound, she can’t always use it everywhere and understand properly imo.

Tnintus being higher might be the result of her brain getting used to new sounds and being fatigued and the the tintitus becoming more apparent.

Sounds like she might like signia better, since they might have a more agressive way of dealing with backround noise.


The new Signia nx may help with your Mom’s perception of her voice. It has a feature that is supposed to help with voice perception. Sounds like the key issue with your Mom is finding something that she’ll wear.

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If you buy the aids online, the savings is well over the 20% they would charge. Look at the price from Buyhear.com or @audiometrix_hearing and you’ll see close to 50% less than what a clinic will typically charge.

Some aids can be remotely programmed. With luck, you might avoid needing a local clinic.


Yes, the issue is to minimize the chance that my mom does not use the hearing aid after buying it

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That can be a problem. Some don’t see what they are missing out on. You and Mom need to have a through discussion about all aspects.

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Self programming when you can hear the phenomena is one thing. Translated through your mother’s terminology maybe more challenging. It does have the advantage of involvement and that might link cause and effect—to value. Or maybe not.

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Yes, the doctor strongly advised that my mom must wear hearing aids immediately if we don’t want the loss advances quickly. As she has
diabetes, high pressure and hypothyroidism, she is in the target population of this disease.

Years before we went to others doctor but we didn’t do what they advised. I feel responsible in part, as her son i think i should had have a strong position about it. So now, I told her if she will want to recognize my voice and undertand what i am saying, she needs to be open to this change. For firts time, she has agreed to look for one… yes i know… baby steps.

I am considering doing the calibration of the hearing aids on my own, I think i could give her more time and patience than the audiologists we have visited so far. And if I decide to buy it outside of my country, I think that for a cost issue it would also be beneficial too.

Lack of aids won’t speed a loss – scare tactics. You’ve been lied to by someone and should consider your relationship. Physical aliments can cause hearing loss. Not having hearing aids doesn’t promote loss.


Agree that lack of aids won’t speed hearing loss, but it can worsen the ability to understand speech as the brain becomes unaccustomed to hearing and being able to interpret certain sounds.


Wow, what kind of physical aliments can cause that?

jvmalca, BLESS YOU for taking charge of your mom’s health! I know she may fight you along the way, but stay with her till she gets and adapts to hearing aids! I was actually surprised to see how dramatically her hearing DROPS OFF at the frequencies shown on her audiogram. To go without a hearing aid with that kind of loss is simply an accident waiting to happen. She could step in front of a car, a bicyclist, another pedestrian - and never even hear them coming up on her! She may miss a phone ringing, an alarm going off, and again, compromise her safety. She is YOUNG at 60, and should adapt to the NEW NORMAL with decent hearing aids.

You don’t mention her communication preferences: does she have an iPhone, a Samsung? Does she have a TV, laptop? I ask cuz these technologies also have compatible hearing aids. My new Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids work with my Samsung cell phone. I hear calls directly into my left ear (called “streaming”). I also have a tiny streaming device that plugs into my laptop or TV, so I can hear those audios in STEREO - with no device to wear or clip on my person. I just have to have the hearing aids IN.

Your mom is placing vanity before safety and true improvement in hearing! I can totally empathize, as I’ve worn aids since I was 35. Her loss may be too profound for the Lyric or completely in the canal type of aid (which is “invisible” from the outside), but today’s behind-the-ear aids with thin wire and receiver in the ear are also very discreet. They are also comfortable to wear.

Your mom will need to trust YOU in matters regarding her hearing. She may be relying on lip-reading and thinking she’s hearing fine. Only folks with normal hearing can let her know that she’s missing words, and that communicating with her takes effort. Also the audiogram is a HUGE proof that she needs aids right now.

Being in Lima, you may indeed be limited to specific brands, as the hearing aids will need adjustments and repairs from time to time. I hope your mom finds a brand that she feels sounds good to her. It’s a process!

Believe it when folks say that NOT hearing is associated with many other physical issues: the person becomes withdrawn, depressed, anxious, even short-tempered with others. In addition, not hearing words makes that whole ear-brain connection slow down even more! I’ve seen this happen in myself, and a few seniors who had problems with their aids. For me, a faulty aid worn for 1.5 years resulted in lowered word recognition to just 50%. But that score improved to 78% after the aid was fixed and I wore that for a couple years. The brain is like a muscle, and needs working with input from the ears, too.

BEST OF LUCK to you as you pursue the best solution for your mom. Let us know what she decides and come back here for more advice and help. There is a wealth of experience and techies here.

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By the way, you mention that Oticon is a contender here. So if your mom uses an iPhone, it should work beautifully with that! You are a gem to even consider learning the software so you can help adjust your mom’s aids as she gets used to wearing them. She is lucky to have you so close by and caring.


Thank for your words, you are kind. My mom uses an android tablet, doesn’t watch a lot of tv, most of time she is at home reading or listening music and at times she goes out with friends. After my research this weekend, it’s high probably I finally buy the signia nx pure 312 model. Thanks.

^^^ Sounds like a very good model of aid - but DO ask about its streaming to Android or iPhone. I’m hoping your mom has a cell phone for staying in touch with folks? It’s a WORLD better to hear conversation right inside the ear (via streaming) versus listening on a phone, which can be very frustrating if the hearing aid gives feedback or is not compatible with a typical, landline phone.

She may even find that she WANTS to listen to TV or music on her tablet with a streaming capability! This enables her to set a volume that only SHE can hear, and it streams into both ears.

From what I’ve read about the Siemens Signia NX Pure 312, this model also has a “TeleCare” feature that enables remote fine-tuning without the need for a clinical appointment! You may have struck GOLD there! :slight_smile:

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Finally I have gotten the hearing aids from my mom. I bought the Signia NX 312 Model. Here some photos:

I will do a review after my mom wears it a month minimum

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but aid will certainly reduce fatigue by reducing strain of brain to understand speech specially to whom are living actively communicating life.

Initial introduction will increase fatigue as the user becomes accustomed to the increased sound level. That is why many suggest limiting hours worn or start at a percentage of final gain. For many, it creates a lot of stress and contributes to not wearing the aids.