Looking for a good hearing aid dispenser in Boston Metro West area

I need to find someone who can deal with annoying engineering questions as well as not just putting me on a ‘production line’ and actually get me good results, I sure seem demanding, but this person also need to tolerate me messing with the programming.

Any suggestions?

BTW, I did a search on the site but everything was pretty old.



It really is a crapshoot. Even if somebody came highly recommended, there’s no guarantee you’re going to hit it off. Finding somebody with enough technical/engineering background is really a longshot in my opinion. My suggestion: Check out Costco. You’ll learn a lot and won’t spend a ton of money. You’ll have 180 days to decide if you’re satisfied. My experience with Costco is that they’ve been tolerant of self programming. Audiology practices–much less so.

Thanks MDB.

I am fortunate enough that cost is not an object - really good insurance…


I have heard good things about Family Hearing in Weymouth. I don’t know if that is close to you or not.

I was an audiologist at Vernick & Gopal in Chestnut Hill 8 years ago (but moved to GA otherwise I’d still be there) The audiologists there are fantastic. Knowledgeable and personable and they truly care about helping you and what is best for you.

Thanks Kerry,

Is there someone I should contact? Please feel free to contact me via PM if you would rather

Gorgeguy: Thanks, but Weymouth is a bit of a slog for me.



Hi there, Rachel Rush or Anne Gentile would be my recommendations. Also check out Paul Milner in Sharon. He has a science background and loves to talk tech!

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