Looking At The Phonak Micropower-?

First Post, sorry for the length and I will be having one more
I have at least severe loss and currently wear a Siemens Prisma cic. Knew it was getting up there, but was going through some records and bought these in 1999. Audio said that they would be borderline powerful enough for me then, and they were kinda cutting edge for their time (I guess). When I compared them to what I had, which was a 10 year old Argosy analog, they kinda blew them away, so I never had any questions. Bottom line is that they still work, but aren’t really doing the full job. I notice this across all walks of life-especially work, and it is just time to get something new. Some primary issues I have:

  1. Worst scenario at work is the meeting room/large conference room. Difficulty hearing across small or large room at conversational level, and oftentimes find myself cupping my ear.
  2. The cell phone is impossible, and I have to use it quite often. I know there are hearing aid friendly cells, and will be getting one. But the ringing kills me.
  3. The large event, such as at a sports arena. The settings on these block out lots. This is probably more how they are set than anything? I can actually hear more with them out-and thats pretty bad considering my loss. Same with “highs” on the radio-better fidelity with the aids out. Same in a noisy restaurant-hard to have conversation. Don’t know if there are any golfers out there, but the clank of a metal-headed driver comes off as a thud.
  4. Just plain day-to-day conversation.

Anyway, there probably amongst other things, just is not enough juice in these for my needs. Not concerned about self-image anymore and will need something powerful. Loss is 80+ across some of the mid/high frequencies. Assuming that $$ is not necessarily an issue, are these likely one of the best ways to go? I know a cic is likely not big enough. Any ITE’s that would serve purpose better?

BTW, I work in Warrenville, IL which is also Phonak’s U.S. Home Office. Any potential benefit to walking right in their door? Any thoughts appreciated.

Can i havee your old aids ? I am in need of 2

“Can I have your old aids?”

Well the answer to that is likely not. This involved the other question that I was going to post separately, but may as well ask now. First, they obviously would not fit you, and I was thinking of giving them to my mother or just using them as spares when I fish or something. Obviously they are still in working condition. If I were to give them to my mother can these feasibly be refitted, gutted amd put in new shells?

I know molds and an ear test are not that expensive. After that looks like Siemens would have to remake a shell and put the components in and then have it set for her. New hearing aids would be at least $2500 and she will not get them because of the cost and the trouble of the tests, the wait, etc. This a potential way that I could kind of force the issue. While probably not the perfect hearing aid solution, it would help her multifold.
Can this be done and how much would such a thing cost?

Hello - This is my first post. Re: CIC re-shelling should be done for about $300 per aid. I’ve had my CICs re-shelled a few times and that’s the going rate.
Re: Phonak - I’m considering a set of Phonak MicroPower BTEs. Does anyone have experience with them? How about the WatchPilot remote! Looks like a cool idea. I wore CICs for 12 years and am now using BTEs (MicroTech) that sound good. I like the “thin tubing” but my severe high frequency loss won’t allow the “open-fit” molds to work for me.
Any comments?