Look After Your Hearing

A good article–advice on how hearing is a big part of staying ‘younger’–

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Also keep your blood pressure controlled, blood pressure and hearing loss goes hand in hand for some of us. The worse my hearing the worse my blood pressure.

In other words get rid of all the things called fun


No I say everything in moderation.

I thought age was a big part of staying younger. It’s just great finding out I’ve been wrong all these years

I am 74 and will be 75 Thanksgiving, other than my hearing loss and eye sight I am doing great. I haven’t ever spend the night in the hospital, had a broken bone, no surgeries, even with my blood pressure issues which I have managed nicely since I was about 28. I was told by my great grandfather that aging was how you thought about it. I still right my Vespa, hike the trails here in the forest, read as much as possible, I average about a book a week. I still research issues and take care of my home, yard and vehicles. You determine how you feel by the way your think, I was also taught that keeping a positive was key to staying healthy.

Chuck you’re like superman. Unfortunately, at our age things pop up when you least expect it. Then you find yourself saying, I could have sworn I was going to live forever. Woodstock seems like yesterday.

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Oh I understand completely, I wake up every morning and think God for another day