Long time user of HA needs new HA and recommendations

Been using HA’s for 20+ years. Mostly Starkeys. Looking for BTE’s with Bluetooth capabilities.

Thinking that I would try Costco and the Kirkland 16 channel hearing aids with the Mini Blue RCU because they are cheaper than the rest. If I don’t like them I can upgrade to the Acto Pro’s etc.

My exam from a couple of years ago. It’s a genetic hearing loss so the exam results haven’t changed over the years.

0250.Hz L-065 R-060
0500.Hz L-060 R-065
1000.Hz L-060 R-065
2000.Hz L-050 R-065
3000.Hz L-030 R-040
4000.Hz L-020 R-030
6000.Hz L-020 R-025
8000.Hz L-020 R-020

I too have been wearing HAs for the past 20+ years, and the last 13 have been Starkeys. I went to my Audiologist last week to discuss my possibilities as mine current one are due for replacement. She recommended the Rexton Cobalt 16 which I believe are similar to the Kirkland 16, this recommendation came due to the amount of time I spend on my blackberry. I am hopeful that I can get ride of my headset with the Mini-Blu.
Hopefully we can compare note in a couple of weeks.
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Hi BigRedChief,

With that hearing loss, almost any hearing aid would work for you. BTE brands with bluetooth possibilities include Oticon/Bernafon, Siemens/Rexton, Phonak/Unitron and Widex. At this stage, Starkey is the one without an inclusive bluetooth option although they do say something is in the works. But a 3rd party telecoil based bluetooth option is always possible with any hearing aid that has a telecoil.

Also, Resound.

The Rexton 16 and Kirkland 16 are the exact same thing according to the Costco rep. My concern with the Bluetooth is the issues reported on this board and others with the technology. But, I’m going to make the leap.

Any opinions on which ones are the best?

Decided to go with Costco’s Kirkland signature/Rexton Cobalt 16’s. Went cheap. Try them out and if they are not up to speed, going for the Bernafor Chronus 9.

Buying the mini Blue RCU with the Bluetooth and TV streamer.

I had good results with the Kirklands, except for feedback. I understand feedback has been improved with the models they sell now. The Kirklands (Rexton/Siemens) have a lot of features and I’ve heard the new mini-Blu bluetooth device works well.

I switched to the Resounds because of feedback with the Kirklands and trying to stay in an open fit. I’m very happy with the Resounds! The bluetooth device for the Resound is probably not quite as good as the Kirklands but the hearing aid itself is probably a little better, but really, for the major brands, you are talking about very small differences in the hearing aids themselves (my opinion). The differences are in the setup and adjustments that you and your pro make.

Let us know how things are going.

I picked the new HA’s up on Thrusday. They are the Kirkland signatures but not the Rexton
's but the new ones the “Onyx”. Goes up to 75 db. More channels and has the T-Coil at the same price.

Pairing to the I-Phone was a easy. I also got the mini Blu RCU. Having the music go directly to the HA’s from the I-Phone has improved the quality of my life. I listen to internet radio, podcasts etc. with a push of a button.

I’ve not set up the streamer yet.

Love the HA’s so far. No feedback. Hearing things I’ve never heard in my life. Hearing conversations on the left and right side and beign able to distingish the sounds is something new for me. I’ve not has any feedback or any other issues so far.