Long lasting size 13 battery

I have been keeping records of how long my size 13 batteries last for over a year. I used 67 batteries for the year and had an average life span of 78.2 hours. Some of the batteries that I used had a use by date of jan 2020 so I know that they were old. My new batch are from AGX with a use date of Feb 2021. My first battery from this batch gave me 124 hours. I am hoping the rest of the batch does as well.

Wow. Well uh good for you. I’m not sure if you’re looking for a comment to this. I use Rayovac. They seem fine.

No, wasn’t looking necessarily for a comment but I was amazed at the life of this battery. I am looking for the capacity of a size 13 zinc battery or what is a good life capacity for a battery. I really don’t know why I am so interested because the batteries are so cheap. Just fun I guess.

When I went for my KS8’s, I specifically got the “T” version not because of the T-coil (which I’ve found essentially no use for so far), but because they have a size 13 battery. With that battery size, batteries last more than 1 week for me. I simply swap them out weekly, just like a razor blade. My previous HAs used 312 batteries which lasted 4-5 days. Personally, I find it inconvenient to keep batteries in my pockets or in caches (I never knew when they would die). Others don’t mind that.

Duracell and PowerOne for me! (I have Oticon so 240 hours for me!) with Xceed, it’ll be more different with the SP version which takes that size of course lol)

none yet, I gotta stop being a poop and get an appt now that they reopened too :wink:

P 13 Rayovac in my Marvel 90’s currently last 5 to 6 days moderate streaming 2 to 3 hours per day… I also occasionaly use my backup pair of Nadia V UP 90’s with Rayovac 675’s which probably 14 days :slight_smile:
Cheers Kev.

Amazon Basics - last about 8 to 10 days…

I purchased the Phonak M90 with the T coil for the same reason, the size 13 battery. I also have yet to find a use for the T coil.

Would be nice to get that kind of battery life. Mine typically get less than 3 days. My right aid does not last a full 3 days ever. Only bright side is that VA provides them for free…

I use size 13 batteries in my Quattros…BTE 88s. I have DAI boots and RogerX receivers hanging on them. I have typically streamed about 12 hours 4x a week. Batteries last 6 to 8 days. My audiogram is on file here.

These are the same basics I said 8-10 days. Putting on the Phonak stuff costs me a little.

The T-coil was a miracle back in the day. It is used for an old school telephone (wired to the wall), and being inside an induction loop field. I had this for listening to television many years ago…

I like having it as I like interface options

I have Marvel Audeo M30, I’m getting 7-8 days from the 13 size battery. The stats on my Phonak app say I use the HA’s for 15 hours a day.