Location of receiver - Resound Enzo Q

Just curious if anyone knows the location of the receiver with new Resound Enzo Q aids. Is the receiver in the HA body (BTE casing) or is it located inside the ear mold. I wish there was a standard location for all receivers (BTE) but it seems to vary from HA to HA.

Does the hearing aid have a tube to the ear mold or a thin wire. If a tube then the reciever is in the BTE part, if the aid has a thin wire down to the ear mold then it is in the ear mold.

I have no idea if HA connect by tube or wire. Resound pictures don’t show close up picture, just HA by itself. I’m thinking the Enzo Q might have the receiver in the HA body since there is no mention of receiver(s) on the aid data sheet.

they are a power plus aid so the reciever is in the main part of the aid.

Thanks cvkemp. Upon closer examination it appears some of the (pics) on Resound Enzo website show a tube connection, though it’s hard to tell. Way back when I used to have clear skeleton (custom) ear molds and really liked them. But when I went to receiver in the canal/mold I had to go beige color.

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I have been wearing aids for 15 years and I have almost totally worn ITE hearing aids. I am hoping to graduate to a BTE hearing aid when I choice my new hearing aids tomorrow. I have had on set of reciever in the ear hearing aids and they were nothing but trouble. Sure they sounded great when they worked, but I am someone that sweats a lot and I was always having moisture issues with the hearing aids. I know many complain that ITE hearing aids fail due to moisture but I have never had my ITE aids fail due to moisture.

If you sweat a lot and had issues with RIC aids you will have issues with BTE aids. BTDT.

My hearing needs are not being met with ITE aids anymore, I need more power and I need some venting, and the mics and the recievers are just to close together so I get way too much feedback. I will use my ITE aids when I walk and work outside and I will use my new aids when I am not working as hard.

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