Local Costco Service in Dayton, Ohio area

I continue to be impressed by my local (Dayton, Ohio area) Costco hearing center’s service. Twice in the last few months my 2 year old KS8 receiver’s, first right and now left, have plugged up and stopped working. In both cases I just walk up to the counter and describe my problem. They verify the problem then provide a new receiver and dome and thank you. No cost (and I understand that these minor service actions are provided). Their HA business must be doing quite well in that they have added a couple of employees in their small section of the Costco facility. If I have to have HA’s, I’m happy I chose Costco and the KS8’s.


If you are referring to to the Costco in Centerville, I got my KS9’s there and I agree the service has been great from the initial vist, actually getting the HA’s and followups.

Yes, Centerville (but should have been Bellbrook !! :wink:

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