Livio hearing aid identification

How do I know which model I have purchased please ? I see the info and firmware but make no sense of it.
I was hoping as they are advised as AI 2400 that’s what I have but I’m not sure unless it’s a very early model?

I don’t know how you will differentiate between (Livio Edge AI / Livio AI / Livio) without using a hearing aid programming device and connect the hearing aids to the fitting software. Though, maybe we can find some clues?

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So once I have the wireless link then I can tell ? This is next on my list to purchase. Thanks

If you look at the chart it says;
• Product can be programmed using 2.4 GHz Programmer or NOAHLink Wireless.

and it says that for all three models (Livio Edge AI / Livio AI / Livio). So that tells us that all three can be programmed with Noahlink Wireless.

Once you connect the hearing aids to the fitting software, then it will be connected (precisely) to a specific model.

Did you see the Airlink2/Noahlink Wireless devices being sold for $50?

I’m in the uk, are they that price here too ? Cheapest I have seen is £119
On different note. When I connect these HA to the link program, will I loose their current settings? As I’m new to this it would be nice to have something to work with rather than starting from scratch.

Sorry, I should have looked at your location. Big shipping fees for Airlink 2 to UK?

You can (and definitely should) save your original settings if they were professionally fit for your hearing loss!!

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Starkey
  • Fitting Instructions Starkey Inspire
  • Noahlink Wireless - DIY User Guide

The Livio AI devices features Healtable Hearing Technology with integrated sensors

  • Body and Brain Tracking with Thrive Hearing Control App (Sensors)
  • Natural User Interface Controls (Touch Control)
    Start/Stop Accessory Stream with Tap Gesture

If you have an Livio AI model then the Thrive App will show you an step counter (fitness section) and the Hearing Aids have sensors for the tap/touch control.


Livio Edge AI 2400 features an additional Edge Mode

Livio Edge AI 2400 only

  • Edge Mode
  • Manual Alert
  • Translate

Edge Mode is an on-demand feature of our Livio Edge AI hearing aids
that uses on-board AI to enable instant, optimized noise management
and speech audibility adjustments when patients are in challenging
listening environments — like situations with extreme background
noise or when talking to people wearing face masks.

See here how to enable the Edge mode and other features in Inspire X

Thrive Assistant available for

  • Livio Edge AI 2400
  • Livio AI 2400
  • Livio AI 2000
  • Livio AI 1600
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Yes unfortunately the cost of shipping outways the product:(( Your information as always is excellent. Thank you

@firenzel Firenzel

I have Thrive ass , so the HA must be Ai of the first batch ?
Great information, I will take another look when I have time tomorrow.
Thank you

I had Thrive ass once. The Doctor said I should be more careful :worried:

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I hope you guys know that was just a Thrive Assistant joke!


Please note that between 2019 and 2021 Starkey made some changes in the Livio device portfolio
The Livio line of hearing aids were first released in 2018, so the following models were available at first in 2018.

Livio 2018 generation

  • Livio AI 2400 → this premium device were the first available “Livio AI”
  • Livio 2400
  • Livio 2000
  • Livio 1600
  • Livio 1200
  • Livio 1000

In late 2019 Starkey released a new iteration of Livio and tickled down the AI to the lower tech tears, so more devices were available as Livio AI line and they were released late 2019)

Livio 2019 generation
Livio Edge AI 2400
Livio 2400
Livio AI 2000
Livio AI 1600
Livio AI 1200
Livio 1000

Only the AI devices have the sensors for Tap-gestures/auto-off /etc.

On the Starkey Pro website i found this feature overview for the Livio hearing aid model line for year 2020, see this picture from 2020 product cataloge (page 9).

feature overview: Livio Edge AI / Livio AI / Livio (last status from 2020)

See also: Starkey Product Portfolio Reference Guide 2021


picture is from Starkey’s 2020 Livio AI Product Line Flyer

for more information visit Starkey Website for Professionals

on the top right corner of the Professionals website hoover on “Get Help” and choose “Product Support”
This opens this website:

On the Product Support page select an actual hearing aid modell line , or go to “Legacy hearing aids” and select an older model series

The (Simulate Products) feature seems much easier to use. You can just access it from within Starkey Inspire, also from the new Starkey Pro Fit, or pretty much any fitting software.

Look at all the models you can (Simulate/get-specs-for) on the first clip. Look at all the pulldown menus you can use to select different models on the second clip.

I have looked at the information you both have given me and I have come to the conclusion i really need the Noah link wireless to confirm which model i have. I have a AI voice talk to me on changing settings also I have assist but I don’t have the fitness counter thing.
I have Comfort Boost , which i have no idea what that is either ?
The instructions booklets that come with these are very basic to say the least.
This is the main screen and I believe the right hand button ( tab ) is comfort boost.

Comfort boost means not edge i have since read. So i must of been sold none AI hearing aids. :frowning:

It seems that you have the Livio AI 2400 , not the Livio Edge AI 2400.

Voice indicators is very common for Starkey.
Since 2010 (Bluewave platform) all Starkey hearing aids have the Voice indicators, when changing programms, you hear a voice saing One, Two, Three etc. Depending how much programs are setup for the HA.
This is activated as standard setting, but could also be set to Tonal beep sequences.
The Oticon hearing aids (eg. OPN1, More, Real) also have this voice indicators when changing the programs, and this could be activated inside the fitting software.

Yes it does seem this way. I was sold these as 2400 AI . Over all I’m happy with them but all the same not happy being sold something I don’t have. Is the AI really any benefit to me does any one know ?

Starkey claims these benefits;