Live Transcribe or other CC options for phone calls

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Sometimes, I’ll have phone calls where it’s absolutely critical I don’t miss anything the other person says, like screening or interview calls for new jobs.

Are there solutions for live CC on Samsung phones?

I found Live Transcribe in the settings, but I’m not sure how to make it work for phone calls.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, I have a round 2 interview coming up next week for a major company and it would make my day if I’d have something like this ready to go by then.

Try the InnoCaption app You can chose between live writer or auto generated captions.

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You could try Olelo Captioned Calls. Works great on Samsung phones.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Which do you usually get better results with - live writer or auto generated?

Also, I see a new phone number in the settings. Do I have to give that number out to people whose calls to me I want to be captioned, or is there a way to make it work with my existing phone number?

Just tried this and it seems even better than InnoCaption! Sentences are separated instead of being one huge hard to read block of text, the UI is more modern, and they assign you a phone number from the same area code as yours.

Are you using headphones or speakerphone? Like, how do you talk/listen and read at the same time?

You still use your cell number as you already been using. I use head phones or stream direct to the hearing aids.

Not seen the other app linked. I will see if there is an iOS version of it.

Hi pheno.menon,

I and another person actually created the Olelo app, so my thoughts versus InnoCaption are biased :slight_smile: We’ve tried to make the captions as fast and accurate as possible, along with, yes, a modern UI.

In general, the idea is you give out your newly-assigned phone number to folks who would be making calls to you, but you can also set up call forwarding from your regular phone number, so that inbound calls come through the Olelo app. I can help you with this if you’re interested. Outbound calls work just like making an ordinary phone call.

Thanks for checking out the app. Hope it helps!

Hi grant, pheno … I need to take the kids out for lunch, but I’ll be back around after if I can help with Olelo in any way. Thanks again for checking it out!

If you stream directly to HAs and you can have phone flat on the table. So in that case, looking at the screen isn’t an issue.

Live transcribe uses a mic, and only one app can use mic at any given moment. At least that’s what I’ve found out.

One workaround would be to use two phones, one for call and send to speakerphone, and another with live transcribe to catch that while you listen.

I guess almost everyone has at least one older phone laying around somewhere :joy:

But that’s not the best, since you don’t get best signal directly to your ears and also it needs quiet room. Firat thing could be worked around if you have external mic for HA… But now you’re entering into ‘warning, contraptions’ area :joy: and definitely need table space for all of that :joy:

Yeah that’s “getting out there” haha. I do have a plug in mic and separate headphones that I use on my PC for Zoom meetings. They do work with my phone, but I haven’t really used them like that.

In the old days I used a landline CaptionCall phone and I was really happy with that, but then the landline went away. I’m not sure whether “AI” (machine) generated captions are better/worse than a human, but for me, the least fuss would be important. CaptionCall just used my regular phone number, no login or rifraff, you just pushed a button and a human would be summoned to start captioning.