Live Captioning for Conversations


Hello. Is anyone aware of and had any experience with live captioning using a smartphone and speech recognition software / app? I have trouble hearing some conversations, even with hearing aids, and would like to experiment whether this could help. I suspect they have their limitations, like all technology. Thanks.

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I assume that you must have already searched for a phone app using the keyword “Live Caption” and if so, you would have already found an app called “Live Caption”. That would have been the first thing I’d do before bothering posting this question in this forum. Or maybe you’re trying to subtly advertise for that app in an indirect way here? It’s not a free app…



AVA. It’s an app for iPhone. Probably android too.

Ava - 24/7 Accessible Life by Transcense, Inc.



Are you talking about in meetings or conferences or something? Or just to use in social settings?



An interesting and constructive contribution. I have vaguely heard of it, but didn’t realistic it was specific software. I attended a discussion last week where the presenter was using something with a laptop and microphones and I was watching the captioning in action. I did ask in the post whether anyone had had specific practical experience with such applications, before investing. Isn’t that what an online forum is meant to be about?



Thanks for asking. Mainly for small meetings at work. Sometimes we have small discussions with some participants on the telephone. I have real trouble with speaker phones and foreign accents.




Hello All and thanks to @Voltaire for starting this thread.

It’s been a while now that I’m looking for such an app or software, able to live caption meetings happening online with my colleagues.
As you can see from my profile I have a ski slope loss and attending online meetings in a foreign language is truly difficult for me.
Finding an app that can work with any audio stream incoming to my PC/phone would really be a work life changer so I’m considering buying SpeakSee (thanks @Abarsanti).
I tried Livecaption but didn’t find it useful.
Clearly any further hint/referral to other apps/software/services will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:
I will report back here if I find other apps/etc…



I was also going to suggest just opening up a Google doc (free) and turning on the mic for voice typing. Make sure to bump up the font.



OK, that may work (still need to try) for office meetings, will give it a shot, thx.

I just tried AVA app (on iPhone) for online meetings and, provided you have the right cable to connect phone to PC, the results start to be good: maybe not 85% correct recognition but between 60 and 70 yes.
Don’t know if it’s worth the price, yet. Will continue to test.

Should you have any questions or want any details, just call out loud :wink: Eager to contribute :slight_smile:



Have you tried this software? If you do not want to pay for it then the best free is Google dictation software.



Thank you @Terost, will try it!



I had just added “speech recognition captioning” to my Dream Features thread, and now have stumbled across this thread. I had no idea this kind of software was out there for general use.

So, would a person load the app on a laptop or phone and take that to a setting (restaurant, group gathering), and leave the device in the middle of the table to get captioned speech translations? I’m trying to picture the practicality of this kind of software in large groups, as opposed to one-on-one.



@1Bluejay I can tell I begin to see good results with AVA app.
I tested it on my iphone linked to the laptop with the cable they reccomend and it reaches about 60-70% good recognition on mp4 recording of webex meeting.
I guess it doesn’t reach the expected 85% because of accent and distance of speaker from microphone.
Do check their site and advices on settings for the different situations your looking to address; it works also on Android phones.

Also other suggestions from @Terost and @AbramBaileyAuD look good, but I haven’t had time yet to test them :frowning:

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^^^ Okay. It appears you are using the speech translation more for work or personal use as opposed to say a dinner gathering or social night out (if that would require the laptop, cable and phone). Good to know - it’s not a perfect solution as it stands if it translates with 60-70% accuracy. That’s almost like a person with a hearing loss in the 30-40 db range eh? Or maybe I’m comparing apples to oranges…



Hi @1Bluejay, I do use speech captioning (no need for translation) only for work and specifically, since I’m not english mother language, for online conference calls with my EU/USA/Asia colleagues.
As you can see from my profile I have a profound HL on the medium high frequencies and this impacts severely my understanding of spoken english.
Sorry for late reply, I’m in difficult times for other life-related difficulcies.
Haven’t had yet time to test other captioning methods…



^^^ Not to worry! Any of your advice and experience is of value to me here. :slight_smile:

I hope your other troubles are not too bad either. While this is a HEARING board, I’ll share that I’m getting over some TUMMY troubles of my own. Very strange stuff - hoping it isn’t food poisoning or some BUG going 'round.