Listening to music with an iPhone. A way to get more volume

Thought I’d post it, incase anyone wants to know.

The volume increases (if you’re struggling for volume) if you select ‘mono audio’ and keep the slider in the middle.

It’s very good, it stops me from hearing too much background noise. The background noise doesn’t over power my music.

Only issue is if you have a Phonak ComPilot, you won’t hear your music in stereo.

This my experience, not related to music listening so a bit OT from you topic.
Using the “Hearing Aid Compatibility” stops phone calls with my iPhone Xs max and Costco / ReSound Forte 8 / Linx 3D hearing aids. I can hear music just fine. I just had to turn that setting back to Off,

Most likely depends on the hearing aids.

I’m a power junkie. Nothing is ever truly loud to me…even when I could hear better.

I tried your suggestion. I can tell a difference in the sound but it was quieter not louder to me on mono.