Listening to music, KS8.0

I just listened to Miracles by Jefferson Starship, streaming through the Smart Mic.

It has been a long time since I have heard that song, correctly. There are some high tinkling parts that sound great through the Smart Mic and the KS8.0s.

It is true stereo and I am enjoying hearing how different songs are mixed.

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One of my all time favorite songs. KS8’s also sound good streamed directly from my iPhone, bass is good but not great, mids and highs are great. I think the clarity and detail the high notes provide trumps thumping bass for me. Listening to music streamed from my audio receiver via the TV streamer allows the best of both, you get the bass and sound stage of the main speakers augmented by the clarity of the direct stream. It took a few minutes to figure out how to mix the volumes of the speakers, the stream, and the aid’s microphones to get the best blend but it was pretty easy and the results are very very good.