Listening to Music in Stereo through Telecoil but with the Neckloop

** Sorry, that should be “without the neckloop” in the thread title, but I can’t amend it. **

Hi. Does anyone know if there is a device that allows you to listen to an MP3 or personal media player (PMP) player (or any sound equipment with a headphone socket) directly through a telecoil? For example, PMP -> device -> hearing aid? Cutting out the neckloop. Something like a personal hearing loop? Thanks for your thoughts.

Just Google Telecoil loop and you will find all you need.
Here are a couple of links.
You can loop a room or just your lazy boy and listen through the T-coil. Plug you boom box into the transmitter.

What is a “lazy boy” in this context?

A “lazy-boy” is a brand name of an upholstered chair that reclines.