List of Hearing Aids with new technology for cellphone connectivity


The first group of hearing aids* uses the cellphone microphone (or an extra device) to speak. The second group (currently only one) uses one of the hearing aids as a microphone.

List of Hearing Aids with MFi/BLE/iPhone connectivity:

  1. Bernafon Zerena
  2. Kirkland Signature 8/KS8
  3. Oticon Opn
  4. Signia NX
  5. Resound Enzo2, Enzo 3D, LiNX 2, LiNX 3D
  6. Starkey Halo2, Halo iQ
  7. Widex Beyond

List of Hearing Aids with direct-to-cellphone connectivity:

  1. Phonak B90 Direct, Phonak B70 Direct, Phonak B50 Direct, (hear phone in one ear, the other hearing aid is used as a microphone for the phone call)

*The list of hearing aids omits secondary brands with the exception of secondary brands that are carried at Costco (making them more popular).

Costco Phonak Brio 3 (Product Information)
Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)

If you’re adding Android connectivity with an additional device, wouldn’t you need to add just about everything else that includes an ancillary device? I don’t know all the devices, but know that they exist for older Rexton/Signia (EasyTek or Smart Connect) as well as one for the Signia NX and KS8, assorted Compilots for Phonaks, and I know Widex and Resound have devices that will allow Android. Being lazy, I’d just drop the Opn from the Android list and call it good.


Resound Linx 2
Enzo2/ 3D


Sonic Enchant as well.


They use the phone mic.


None of this is “simple” Phone/ hearing aid compatibility is a nightmare because so many different things are meant by compatibility.


Yeah, I started with cellphone connectivity, and then moved on to direct-to-cellphone connectivity. It gets more convoluted each time I make a change. Thinking of abandoning this effort. Wait, I thought of another way to present this.


Great reference pvc. Rock & roll.
I’d really like to see that second list grow.

I’ll go ahead and list a bunch of Big Six lesser brands (mfi) that I found:
GN Resound - Beltone Boost Max, Boost Plus, Legend, Trust
GN Resound - Interton Centro 6
Sivantos - Audio Services Sun 16 G5
Starkey - Audibel A4i
Starkey - Audiosync A3i
Starkey - microtech Kinnect2, KinnectIQ
Starkey - NuEar iNow, iNowIQ
William Demant - Sonic Enchant


Cochlear BAHA 5 missing from the first list.