Liquid or water sensation in right ear,sometimes both ears

I have had,seems forever,a sensation of some kind of liquid sloshing around in my right ear mostly,but sometimes the left also.Seems to be more noticeable,first thing in the morning.
I can push up on the cartilage just behind the ear lobe with my thumb and I can ‘make’ it do the sloshing sound.
I usually place a Q-tip in each ear for 1/2 hour and I seem to get some dampness on the tip,not drenched,but a little damp.
It is annoying,because I can ‘hear’ it when I chew or swallow or cough.
Do the ear canals sweat during the night,causing this sensation in the morning?
I went to an ENT about it and he could see no liquid,unless there is/was some in the middle ear,which a CAT scan would detect (waiting for one).Any home remedies available in the mean time?
Sensation seems to go away later in the day.Anyone else have this sensation? Thanks,Huck

My eustachian tubes block up, sometimes causing fluid build up in my middle ear. You might try taking sudafed or he equivalent, that can help open blocked eustachian tubes. Do you have allergies?

Thanks for posting.Do you get that same liquid in the ear sensation I described with water-liquid in the middle ear?
I have weird shaped and narrow ear canals,so doc won’t drain if in fact CAT scan shows liquid in the middle ear,so I am doing it (CAT scan)just for my own satisfaction.(whenever I get the appointment)
Is Sudafed a nose spray or pills?..I don’t have allergies.Thanks,Huck

Yeah, I feel ‘swimmy’ and my hearing is often affected. I get fluid trapped in the eustachian tube as well. Sudafed or chlortrimeton are over the counter pills that open nasal passages, including eustachian tubes. Worth a try. You could also try a nasal mist steroid spray. All of these have been suggested by my ENTs over the years.

I get moisture in my ears at night and in the morning, very often. Talked to my ENT about it. He checked my ears and there is no infection or drainage but he didn’t know the cause. I read an article that said the ears are forming wax during the night so this may be the cause. I have closed acrylic domes with very small vent and thinking that moisture may build up during the day when my ear drum is fully closed. I have tried blow drying my ear in the morning with very low temperature for about 30 seconds and that helps. I don’t have a cause or solution, but wanted to let you know that someone else has the same issue. It’s annoying but doesn’t seem to be a serious problem for me.

Incidentally, in my case this is real moisture. I can feel it with my fingers at entry of the ear drum.

That’s ‘funny’ that you mentioned about your ENT not knowing the reason for the moisture,as that’s the same answer I got from my ENT…he also checked my ears and found no moisture or infection,so I asked if there is no moisture present,why am I getting that sensation…he didn’t know.
Mine kinda goes away later on in the evening,but sure is annoying! Thanks,Huck

Thanks and I am not alone.Huck

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ENT never knows the answers ha anything I say to my Dr. he never finds anything wrong!! no infections,no moisture,nothing. I sometime feel when I shake my head, there seems to be a sound that I can’t pin point,coming mostly in my left ear,

Is this noise only when the hearing aids are in?

Do you have ear moulds or domes?

My friend has a similar issue but hers turned out to be her ear getting wet from the ear mould and then sticking to the ear. When she moved/walked etc, she could get moisture moving.

She heard this sound naturally as her hearing isn’t too bad. Switched too hard ear moulds and not bad the issue since.

My liquid sensation is mainly first thing in the morning and I can ‘hear’ it when I put head on pillow,if after not a good nights sleep,I flop around in bed and it’s mainly the right ear,but left sometimes also.
Hearing aids are out and if I move my jaw a certain way I can 'hear’it,like now,as I write this note.
I have q-tip in right ear now.
I had a hearing test two days ago and the instrument she used for checking pressure detected no fluid in either ear…go figure?!Huck

Anecdotal, but my father suffers from something like this. He usually goes to his ENT and they put a drainage tube sort of thing into his ear that sits in there for a while until it falls out on its own. I believe the technical term is called tympanostomy.

Yeah,my ENTguy wanted to do that,but my ear canals are too small/narrow,so he won’t do it because of that…never said why…maybe no room to work?.Huck

I have similar symptoms. After visiting several ENT’s, MRIs, CT scans etc. My latest ENT at Johns Hopkins believes it’s a psychosomatic response to high frequency hearing loss. In other words, your brain doesn’t understand why you aren’t hearing certain things and is unhappy about it so presents you with the filling of a liquid blocked hearing canal even though there isn’t any liquid. He says there is nothing that can be done to correct this but I’ll get used to it in time (implies years of time).

That’s really interesting. I think there may well be something to it. I’ve had times where I “felt” like my ear was blocked but my hearing was unaffected. It’s really disconcerting and a bit disorienting.

I had the water/liquid in the ears this morning and I used a q-tip broken in half,one for each ear,seems to soak up a bit of the liquid.Where exactly does this ‘liquid’ come from…I am talking this side of the ear drums,not the middle or inner ear…do the ear canals actually sweat during the night?Thanks,Huck

If you’re going for a cat scan I wouldn’t mess with it until then. I’d also be cautious about seeking medical advice on a public forum

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The CAT scan is to detect any liquid in the middle and inner ear,not this on the other side of the ear drums(outer ear).Huck