LiNX Quattro randomly switching modes

Just started having a problem with my Quattros randomly switching between selected mode (all-around, restaurant, etc) and phone mode. Does it regardless of having Bluetooth enabled or not. Also having a new problem with dropped pairing, but I’ll try re-pairing on that one. Any advice on the original issue would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have an iPhone with the new iOS 13.x update? I have ReSound/Costco aids before the Quattro, but I still see that issues, even with all the updates of iOS 13.x, now at 13.1.3.

It is still not clear if this is an Apple or ReSound issue.

Yes, I do. I deleted and reinstalled the app, re-paired the aids, and it seems to be working better. I think the switching problem might be related to my glasses frames (they’re metal).

Could be a stuck/sticking button.

Could be a corroded contact on the button. Usually it would take a solid press to cycle through the programmes but if there was a short on the programme button contact it might just set it off. It would be an unusual one though. Can you get loaners and send yours back for inspection?

It’s more than likely an issue with the new version of the Resound software!
I now have the same problems described in the OP…and all of this since the resound app was updated.


This is a problem with Resound and Apple. This is my last day with Quattro. Going to Marvel. The 13.1.3 iOS update fixed a lot of Bluetooth issues with both devices. But, yes. Particularly if there is my iPad and iPhone near with Bluetooth on, they seem to fight over the hearing aids.

I bought an iPhone 11 a few days ago and paired my aids about 24 hrs ago and downloaded the new ReSound software. I’m running 13.1.3. I had a little trouble with the pairing, because my manual doesn’t match the settings options on my phone. So far, everything is stable. From the start, about 14 months ago, I couldn’t have the bluetooth on my iPad and my iPhone on at the same time without them wrestling for control. So I keep the bluetooth on only on my phone. That works OK for me. Before purchasing the new phone and after the last Resound update (the one that left the alert on the icon), I occasionally had the problem of the aids switching modes. That hasn’t happened yet with the new set up.

My only issue so far, which is mostly being discussed in another thread, is that the text notifications are coming to my aids and I’d rather not have them doing that. Plus, the phone’s ringer isn’t ringing to my aids–but that also has been true for me all along. I manage, but it’s not ideal and I do sometimes miss calls.