LiNX 3D Generic Bluetooth Pairing

I have a generic USB Bluetooth dongle on my Windows 7 desktop.

I’m having difficulty finding instructions for pairing the hearing aids with the Bluetooth device.

I would find this preferable to having to rip out the hearing aids and insert ear buds every time I want to hear the sound on a YouTube video. Is it possible to do this?


Well, the steps are:

  • Enable BT
  • Turn on pairing on the computer then the aids
  • You should get a notice to enter codes on the computer.
  • Your manual for the aid’s BT device should have those codes.

With mine it is 1111 but I don’t know about yours. And, my computer isn’t getting to that point. I hope your’s does.

The aids will not connect directly to your computer. You would need the Phone Clip+ to do that.

I use a Bluetooth dongle to connect to my hearing aids. It works fine after I found the “CSR Harmony Wireless Software” to install the drivers for the CSR chip used in the dongle. It has been some time since I found it but I would guess most, or all, of the Chinese dongles use that chip.

This is a Windows 10 desktop but I vaguely remember installing it on a Windows 7 laptop at one time.Capture

Switching between the speakers and the Bluetooth device was not very straight forward. I bought a cheap little application called “AudioSwitch” that makes it much easier.


Thank you Ken and Bob for your replies.

I looked up the Phone Clip+ and found it on Amazon. The reviews are not very promising.

One user says ’ I finally swiched to IPhone from Samsung because I phone has built in software for resound hearing aids.’

I have an iPhone 5 I have paired with the hearing aids.

I wear my Phone Clip+ every day. It makes using the phone truly hands-free.

Without it, you still have to rely on the phone’s mic. Also, when you’re busy and the phone rings, you can just reach up & hit the button on the Clip to answer. Without it, you still have to use your phone to answer the call. That can be problematic if you’re busy driving, or something else.