Limited time $10 battery discount for specific-model hearing aid reviews

Are you wearing any of the following hearing aid models?

  • Signia Pure Charge&Go
  • Widex EVOKE
  • Unitron Moxi All

Our review directory is a little light on reviews for the models listed. If you are wearing any of the above and would like to provide a review through our review system (takes maybe 5 minutes), please respond to this thread or send me a PM, and I’ll help direct you to the appropriate survey. All I ask is that you write at least 200 words in your written review.

If you go all out and write 1000 words or more, I’ll send you a credit for $16.99 in the shop, which will get you a free carton of PowerOne batteries. Thanks!

There’s a little irony in providing a battery discount for rechargeables!

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Ha, you got me there @yarrowgordon… I guess I should strike the Charge&Go from the list :sweat_smile:

I am ready to do a review.