Light to alert me if my cell phone rings or I get a text?


I have an iPhone X, my current hearing aids do not work with the phone (though my future ones should) and I’m looking for some external way of letting me know when a call comes in. I want to be able to keep my cell phone in my purse next to me, and hang something on the outside of my purse to indicate when something happens. I know that there are “cell phone charms” that do this, but so far the ones I’ve found are right next to the phone itself and can’t dangle outside. Any ideas?



mbrose: Have you considered a wearable device? Apple Watch or Fitbit. They vibrate and the screen lights up when your phone receives a call or text. Whether your phone is in your purse or in another room.




The Apple watch will alert you if there’s a incoming call.




I’m a tiny adult (think child size), and the Apple watch can’t be adjusted small enough to fit. I’m not sure about the Fitbit; is a fairly solid thing? I considered the Ditto, but would rather have something that stays attached to my phone. (Plus I have a peripheral neuropathy, so I’m not positive I would be able to feel or interpret the vibrations.) But please keep the ideas coming!



The Xiaomi Mi Band will alert you to phone calls and texts with the use of an appropriate app on your phone. Looking at mine, I’m pretty sure it would fit a child’s wrist. Certainly a lot cheaper than an Apple watch to try out.

Here’s another possible piece to the puzzle if you spend a lot of time on a computer. I get an alert on my computer whenever I get a call or text (or any other notification on my Android). This happens through an Android app called “Join” and a Chrome Extension of the same name.