Life before and after hearing aids

How do you describe your life before wearing hearing aids and after?

What changed in your life?

I didn’t have to sit in the very first row in the lecture hall, to hear the professor.

I can now hear the birds and bees in the garden. I also was not ever able to hear the turn signals when they were on and when I first got my aids I was wondering what was wrong with the car.
TV is better by not great.
I will have to see how things will change when I get my new aids in about 2 weeks.
I now have ITE half shell aids and I get a lot of wind noise and voices are not the greatest. I am getting RITE aids from the VA and I believe they are the duals with the streamer but not sure which level of duals.

it will be interesting to know how life changed by changing hearing aids :slight_smile:

That’s a huge step forward. happy for you :slight_smile:

Quiet before. Not quiet, after.

Is this a good thing or not?

Alot has to do with how bad your hearing loss is before aids. Take it from me it can be a jolt when you first go out on the noisy streets

Life is a lot less “HUH” and lot more “UH HUH”:stuck_out_tongue:

A lot less isolated and the birds are still here…:smiley:

In spite of my serious/profound hearing loss and tinnitus since I was about 4 yrs old I have never worn hearing aids. At first due to analog aids not addressing my hearing problems and later out of sheer laziness. Now I want to hear and play with my grandchildren. In about 10 days I start a trial of two Phonak Naida IX HAs and hope they are as good as I’ve heard they can be on this forum. I’ll let you know how everything goes.

I’ll say what the others have said. I am sitting on the right side, middle of conference rooms whereas before, was in the left front. Nice change.
Not concerned going out to eat, making sure person A is to my right, not my left…

Can hear my 16 year old daughter.

Birds, etc.

TV is turned down so family can enjoy it now.

It will be interesting to read from you.


How much are you happy with your hearing aids?

On reflection, my quality of life gradually deteriorated as my hearing worse over the past 5 to 10 years. In the 12 months since I got my hearing aids, life sounded confusing at first and I spent 3 - 4 re-learning how to hear, but gradually since then it has been a period of adjusting to and accepting the fact that I’m hard of hearing, and that life is better wearing hearing aids than not wearing them.

I can hear my brother now. I have had a moderate to severe loss since infancy. When my brother hit puberty 25 years ago, I couldn’t hear him anymore. Now I can. :slight_smile: I can also hear young children talking now. They were very muffled before. I had the same trouble with the blinker in the car. It scared me too. LOL… along with the refridgerator, the sink, etc…
Another big change is that I can understand my groups conversation in a restaurant. That was impossible before. I love hearing all the small things I didn’t hear before.

i put mine in when I wake up, and I take them out before I go to sleep. I like hearing.

My experiences with my new Phonak NAIDA IX SP hearing aids with custom ear molds has been very good, fair and a little troubling all in one. Luckily most of it has been good to very good and I wouldn’t go back for anything!

Good things (luckily these are same things I bought HA’s to correct)
1. Hear things I have not heard in many years (like 60 +) if ever. Am delighted to walk around or go to new places and hear and understand things I had forgotten even exist. Am truly having a fun time listening to things.
2. Aids have been comfortable from day one. Easy to put in and take out/off. Custom ear molds are very comfortable, have worn all day from day one. A little itching occasionally (had it before) but audi gave me some cleaner (Eargene) that seems to help but I’m also going to try some Miracell suggested by HASK12 and see if it’s better.

Some so-so and/or disappointing things:
1. Some sounds sound really weird! My voice, my wife’s. Sounds seem to come from a long pipe; seem far away and flatter/tinnier than I expect.
2. Short sharp noises seem VERY loud to me. We have granite counter top and putting flatware or plates and glasses, etc. on the counter is incredibly noisy, bordering on painful. Opening and closing doors or cabinets, taking things in and out of drawers, even walking produce sharp, loud noises – really a bother! I’m assuming aids have AGC because these noises are much noisier when the area is very quiet, with conversations or music or TV extraneous noises don’t seem as loud. Suggestions anyone?
3. No Blue Tooth in NAIDA aids. I can get an accessory to hang around my neck, plug my iPod into it and it will transmit to the aids (sounds like a real hooky fix to me!) but I’ll just remove aids and use iPod earbuds for now.
4. I’m still not sure about the NAIDA and telephones. No telecoil pickup but will go into “telephone” mode (both aids broadcast the phone conversation so it sounds as if phone is a headset??) if they identify a magnet. If phone does not have a strong enough magnet you can glue a small button magnet to phone earpiece area for aid to pickup. So far I just ignore whole thing and listen to phone as is though it may by transmitting through the aid as the phone sounds pretty clear. Not high on my list right now.
5. There are several things mentioned in the NAIDA manual that I’m not sure work or I don’t know how to use them but, again, they are not high on my list right now.

I have spent two weeks plus one follow-up audi visit just listening, taking notes and getting used to my new hearing. My biggest problem is that I have never worn aids before and I’m not sure what I should be hearing and what I should try to get fixed. Right now everything seems so much better I’m really happy and I don’t know if the aids should be even better still.

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Sorry about issues you noted but am also a little confused. Your original message (as I see it in blog) mentioned a “funky font” but when I tried to quote you (to better respond) I see a different message??

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And regarding the content of your post, it seems you’re doing pretty well with the aids, with the usual new user issues. Regarding the telephone and telecoils, in my limited experience I’ve found telecoils for use with the telephone just about useless. It seems the today’s phones just don’t have the electro-magnetic leakage that older phones did to make telecoil usage worth a hoot without having the volume in that program memory really high.

Anyway, continued good luck with your aids! :stuck_out_tongue: