LG Rebel 3 intermittent performance with KS9

I have KS9 and a LG Rebel 3 android smartphone. In the first few days the phone and aids paired and usually gave me good performance for telephone and web streaming audio. The Easy Line paired and allowed volume control. Now the phone is very intermittent and the Bluetooth on smartphone shows only the right aid it can’t find the left. Further the Easy Line app doesn’t work. I have an appointment with fitter at Costco. For one thing I’ll ask that we test my smartphone and app with a store SK9 pair. If that works or seems to me my aid or aids are defective. I so far have only the automatic mode enabled. Then absent a working Easy Line app I can’t select manual programs. I also hear some distortion, but not always decective?

I would try unpairing the hearing aids from the smartphone and uninstall the app. I’d then try repairing and connecting and reinstall the app. Starting fresh is always a good troubleshooting strategy. That said, that’s a pretty low powered phone. You certainly don’t need a flagship, but something with a little more oomph and more modern version of Android would likely run better.

The KS9 (Marvel) uses classic Bluetooth to communicate with the right hearing aid. The right aid then has to communicate with the left hearing aid. One issue is that the classic Bluetooth frequency does not go through your head well. It needs to bounce off hard surfaces around you. Could it be possible you are locating your phone relative to your hearing aids differently, or are using them somewhere there are no nearby hard reflective surfaces? The worst situation is being out in an open field with no cars or buildings around you.

Thanks. My phone is less than two years old and it stArted out working and speed wasn’t a problem. Still it was both left and right aids but no longer does. Seems that’s correct operation. Did I mention? The right distortion seems to come and go and may be due to automatic operation. I’ll ask that my aids be programmed to allow me to pick in manual. I think it can be done for three programs. I don’t know what’s on the list but noise environment would be one.

I don’t mean to be knocking your phone, but it’s specifications are pretty minimal. (It does not show up on the compatibility checker) Specs were challenging to find. It does meet the Android 6.0 requirement, but it uses an older Bluetooth version than the required 4.2 (it uses 4.1)
That said, since you had it working, there’s a decent chance you can get it working by redoing everything. My suspicion though is that this would be a recurrent problem since your phone doesn’t meet specs.

I’ll add that the aid can be programmed to change volume and programs via the toggle buttons on the hearing aids. I think most (not all) users end up pretty much ignoring the app.

I have an LG Phoenix 2 that only runs Bluetooth 4.1, but my phone is on Phonak’s list of phones compatible with the Marvel. I checked before making an appointment to trial the KS9s because the “phone calls without intermediary device” was a major draw, and if I had to spend $600 or more for a compatible phone, my level of interest would have nosedived. I’m not a phone person, so I’d mentally consider the cost of a more expensive phone part of the cost of the aids. I’m running my Phoenix as a Tracfone.

IMO the KS9 phone app is so primitive it’s pretty much worthless. The phone does its thing without the app. My phone got kinky and wouldn’t download the app at my setup appointment, so I left Costco without it on the phone. But we tested phone calls to and from it there at the store and they worked fine. And you can get everything the app does that most of us need on the buttons.

However, if quality of phone calls was good and now isn’t, I’d be off to Costco and hoping to figure out if it’s the aids or the phone ASAP.

Maybe the OP has access to another phone and could try pairing the KS9s to that to see how well they work with it?

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Thanks. I’m considering upgrading phone to a Motorola mot something which has 32G memory and an 8 core processor with Android 8 (going from memory) it can be had on Amazon with TRACFONE (my current wireless company) SIM and a $40 service package for about $110. So $70 for phone. Here’s another do without app. I put a Bluetooth on the audio on my TV and was able to pair with my KS9 but absent the app I couldn’t control volume. I’ll likely try pairing the TV with my smart phone and then pick up the TV audio in my aids via streaming through my phone. Sound good?

First of all, get back to Costco and get volume adjustments programed into your aids if it’s not already. I rather thought having the upper and lower buttons on each aid adjust volume was the default - like answering your phone and hanging up via the upper button.

Then if you haven’t already, before I bought a new phone, I’d check the Phonak website and make sure that phone was on the compatibility list for the Phonak Marvels (which are the basis of the KS9). Probably better if it’s not listed as compatible but only having only Bluetooth 4.1. If you’re going to get a new phone, why not go for a very compatible one with BT 4.2.

As to the tv thing, I’m no expert. I just ordered the tv device from Costco and am waiting to hear it came in. However, my understanding from threads here is that while you can pair your aids with the tv via Bluetooth, it drains batteries fast and becomes the one BT connection the aids can do at a given time - no phone calls while watching tv. I don’t know if there’s some setting missing on my aids or phone, but I can’t even hear the phone ring when not wearing my aids unless BT is turned off, so I assume you don’t hear the phone ring any time you’re using your one BT connection for something else.

So the tv connector device from Costco, which is only $100, is evidently the better way to go. I think people have even said it streams tv audio better. I understand a reluctance to spend that extra $100 while you’re only trialing the aids, but at my Costco, they say the box is returnable, although not for as long a period as the aids, which is why I gave in and ordered it instead of waiting till I’m sure I’m keeping the aids (leaning towards it now but 4+ months to go on my trial).

I’m tired of going back to my Trax aids and the Bluetooth necklace to watch tv, especially since I’m starting to wonder if the necklace is beginning to have problems - getting things connected often takes half a dozen tries any more, and my audiologist said those things have a much shorter life expectancy than the aids, and can no longer be ordered, not that I’d want a new one.

I have the Phonak TV Connector and like it a lot. Be sure you go through the software settings with your audiologist and that they are set up to behave the way you want.

I’m guessing you’re talking about a Moto G6. The compatibility checker Compatibility Checker says it’s fully compatible.

The Mototol is the G6 and it had BT 4.2 and Android 8. So a step forward over my LG. As for TV when I paired my aids directly I saw a delay large enough to trouble me watching lips not sync with sound. The BT head phones I have don’t show as much delay. My first aids were KS5 and the switches are rocker and easier to push from and back than are the slider switches on the KS9. I’ll discuss all with the Costco fitter on Thursday.

Your TV may have setting for sound delay, our Samsung smart TV does.

Having too many problems to reach conclusion but I can say my Bluetooth head phones do not have significant TV audio delay…the lips and words look to be synced. Have appointment with Costco tomorrow. I found the uninstall and then reinstall of Easy Line did allow my hearing aids to be recognized thus giving me control of volume. Lowering volume on right aid seemed to reduce distortion… sadly the connection to Easy Line didn’t hold following putting phone into sleep mode and later back on. I remain of the view that the right hearing aid may be defective and/or not set up for my hearing problem correctly.

I have Marvels which are similar to the KS9s. If you stream a source, such as a TV directly, you will encounter latency. I think Phonak designed it that way to get you to buy the TV connector, which doesn’t have latency. I don’t know about using the app with the KS9s, but with the Marvels, it is about useless unless you have a phone that works well with BLE. I have a LG Stylo 3, and I can pair the phone with the aids and it will work for a little while, but soon quits working. So, I gave up on the app. If you have an iPhone, you should be good to go, it works well with BLE.

Since I started this conversation, it may be okay if I wander a bit.

Learnings I found useful. The android smartphone application is junk, and a friend with iPhone he seems to think the same. But, with my LG Rebel 3, a three year old model with Android 7, and BT 4.1 works well for phone BT if the application is removed/uninstalled. One can still control the volume with the buttons on the hearing aids, unfortunately on can not change to other programs without the application. Something I’ve learned for telephone:

  1. answer with the hearing aid button, then the voice is always sent to aids, if you answer with the phone the voice goes to the smartphone speaker, makes sense I think
  2. If you want to have voice sent to aids but answered with the smartphone my Android 7 switches to aids if one touches the “Bluetooth” logo on the phone screen.
    I have ordered a Rebel 4, it is only incrementally improved over Rebel 3, but does include Android 8, 64 bit rather than 32 bit processing and a slightly faster CPU. My main reason to replace the Rebel 3, is my second serious drop put a hairline crack across the screen. This is under a screen protector, but as the Rebel 4, is only $40 and of course comes with a new battery and other improvements. I hope its improvements will help it work with a smartphone KS9 BT application. Welcome any experience on using a “easy line” like aid/phone application. I have 4 programs on my phone and would like to be able to easily switch between programs with my smartphone and an installed application.

Now have Rebel 4 LG Android 8.1 and it works well with Easy Line smartphone application. I am able to use Bluetooth to aids for telephone and web with Easy Line active. Thus I can change programs other than Automatic. I selected the for my 3 other programs: echo, music and loud. Which I had descriptions of what these programs offer that differentiate them from Automatic. Assume loud would help understand speech in the presence of noise. May select microphones … Don’t know.