Lexie Lumen: IntriCon and hearX Partner on Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aid

That’s $1850 in the first three years, which is in the Costco ballpark for premium hearing aids with full face-to-face support. There’s always the chance with Costco that you could coax a couple more years out of them.

This is in line from what I’m seeing from Blamey & Saunders in Australia. They’re offering direct-to-consumer hearing aids at audiologist bricks&mortar prices. Unless you live in the desert and can’t get into town, I really don’t see the point.

Edit: Ok, I do see a point. At $60/m you’re making your product available to those without the couple of thousand dollars in the bank. You see posts from desperate people on social media who simply don’t have the savings to get a hearing aid. This way, they can get something I guess.

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I mostly agree with you, and would probably send someone to Costco before suggesting they go online. The other thing to think about is lower end modern technology, which I’m a big believer in. You can easily find something for 2k or less from a typical independent audiologist clinic who performs best practices if you’re willing to get lower end technology. And most blinded studies I’ve seen show its the fitting that matters more than the tech level.

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Can confirm, cheapest unitron (don’t know the model, some moxi I think, here model to get for free, so insurance pays for it, so around 700 eur) sounds the same as the most expensive phonak, both ric. In quiet tested with tv from the speakers.

Both fitted using REM. I was impressed with the results. If my use case would be living in senior community, meeting same people and not having errands, meetings and conferences to attend and no phone calls and zero interest in streaming, yeah, you really don’t need high tech to get the hearing part of hearing aids.