Level increase/decrease?

This morning the ringing seems louder than usual. Can this really happen or is it just a perception thing?:confused:

No expert here but have been plagued with tinnitus for 35+ years. I can say that stress, alcohol, drugs, high blood pressure and worrying about it will effect tinnitus. Stress has the biggest effect with me.

I am sure there are many other reasons for tinnitus but these are the ones that jump for me.

can it change day to day, or hour to hour? sounds like it can…

Mine does. From a mild hiss to a piercing whisle at times. Typically the louder times are fairly short duration and then settles down to the softer, and pretty constant hissing tones.


I asked cuz this am I got up with it seeming way louder than usual. Since I have been thinking about my hearing so much lately, I wondered if it was real, or if I was just focusing on it too much…

Ok, get the cheese out cuz I am going to wine (whine ;-0 )

I am sick of listening to this…

there, I said it.

But I believe the we the tinnitus suffers are actually communicating to the Mother Ship providing pertinent details about our adopted home planet Earth.

Soon the takeover will occur and our beloved Mother Ship will whisk us back to the paradise we gave up for the collective good of our mother planet.

Thinking of it in those terms, you may still hear the ringing, whooshing, odd noises, it has a purpose you may go in peace for the remainder of your day.

ubarw, the mornings always seem worse for me, and winter seems worse than summer for some reason.

I think that’s pretty common :).

When I read these discussions about tinnitus, it seems that everyone knows when they first started having that affliction. I don’t. I don’t know when it started and didn’t know I had it until several years ago when I first read about it. Then I realized that there was a name for the sound I had in my ears. I hear three different continuous tones, more or less like a telephone dial tone, but at a higher pitch. The highest pitch is in my right ear, there is a slightly lower pitch in the left, and one in between the two in the middle of my head, I guess. I can’t locate the position of the third one. They don’t bother my unless I think about them, like to locate where they’re coming from. Then they seem to get louder. Most of the time, I just forget about them and they don’t bother me. Maybe I shouldn’t post this, but even if I don’t, the sounds aren’t going away, are they?

Anyway, Happy New Year to All the folks on this great forum!