Let Us Discuss What Device is Best the Best Suited for my Loss



Sorry, you were just a convenient foil. I do not dispute any particular advice you have given. I am sure you have helped a lot of people here.

I am just saying that I quickly discovered from lurking for a few months that I found certain people appeared completely trustworthy, others had a lot of experience but perhaps some strong biases, some were very experienced amateurs, some were a bit crazy, etc.

I would take advice from Rasmus Braun or Um Bongo to the bank. I won’t mention those that I read only for amusement.


No skin off my ass but if you gleaned your information by going directly to the VA website… you’re a bigger fool then I thought.

I’m thinking all the Vet’s who ended up with top of the line aids and accessories were quite happy being amused. Particularly when they see that monthly, tax-free deposit.


Same here. I can hear my Android phone very well, but the additional Smart Remote free app from Rexton helps control my HAs without needing the separate remote control



GenePG or bobwal, could you be a little more detailed? Are you saying that if you put the app on an Android phone, it will control the Trax without any extra devices? How does the phone communicate with the HAs?


Tribalrose, I’m no scientist, but I suspect the app makes the smartphone send out some sort of radio frequency, and the HAs then return a confirming beep. For example, when I change from Program 1 to Program 3, the HAs emit 3 beeps indicating they have switched to Program 3. I believe it works the same way as the Smart Remote does. You do have to hold the phone fairly close for it to register.


The smartphone app communicates with the hearing aids by sending out ultra-high frequency tones (in the 15 kHz range). The hearing aids can detect these tones separate from surrounding speech or noise.

Try increasing the Broadcast level in the app to make the control tones more detectable.


Nope, if you know something, you should mention it. People come to forums for information someone else may have, or another perspective.


When I tried them the phone app worked very well and was always heard. It really works quite well.



Rasmus Braun already explained how it works. It works very well for me by just holding my phone in normal operating position. I did set the broadcast level to high when I first loaded the app. I don’t know if it fails at lower settings. Nobody has complained about hearing beeps, so I will leave the level at high.

One quirk I just discovered is that the app will not work when Bluetooth is in use. I don’t stream music, but I do have my phone connected to the Sync system in my car. I don’t play with my phone when driving, but the Smart Remote app will not work even when stopped unless I disconnect the phone link to the car. Not a big deal for me since I don’t need to adjust my hearing aids when driving.


Good point Don, and I agree wholeheartedly. My main problem is with Doc’s delivery. When someone doesn’t want or like his advice, he resorts to insults and name calling. Sure, if you have info that you feel others could benefit from, then share it. But no one benefits from the childishness that Doc spews on here.


Well, Doc is Doc. You won’t change him and kvetching about it is counterproductive.

He’s easy to make fun of though.