Learning sign language


Am I a rare critter in that I studied sign language BEFORE being diagnosed with hearing loss?


What was the reason?


Partly as a social activity and partly to learn a foreign language. (Not for school; just for personal knowledge.)


Do you have friends/family who are culturally Deaf and sign?


I do now, but didn’t at the time. I know there are hearing children of deaf parents–hearing siblings–interpreters who technically fit the category, but I don’t fall under any of those.


I’m sorry to admit I’ve lost a lot over the years. I take brush up courses, but I don’t use it like I did when I was in Wichita. I’ve been living in Tucson for almost 30 years now.


I learned some ASL as a rehab counselor over 50 years ago. I can now only catch a few gestures and can still sign greetings, etc.