Learning foreign languages

hello in advance sorry English is not my native language I have such a question I am going to study in the USA I have not a weak hearing loss do I have a chance with hearing aids to communicate well in English or to have a cochlear implant? here is my audiogram

With this audiogram you can communicate in English very well - if hearing aids are in your ears and properly fitted. And of course only if you are used to english language.
Cholear implants are not an option for you at the moment.

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Hello, thank you very much for your reply.I have a question for you, how do you think, is it possible to learn a second foreign language with such a hearing problem?

Thank you very much for the answer. My native language is Russian. It is too complicated. I have widex evoke 440 f2. I still do not understand my native language well.

Your audiogram looks pretty similar to mine. There’s another measurement not available there: word recognition. If your word recognition is low you’ll need proper training and will be difficult to learn a new language.

Look at my audiogram, it is much worse than yours. My native language is german but I can follow the conversation like in the following yt-video https://youtu.be/i3Kkpl8wIW0
These four people speak very clear and two of them have a strong Austrian accent :smiley:
When D. Trump is talking I can follow him very well, too.
On the other hand while watching for example The-big-bang-theory on TV I have troubles. But the same applies to similar shows in my native language, too.
But: english is much more similar to german than to russian. So for you it may be hard to learn to listen to - independently of your hearing loss.

Hi maksprice2017,

My hearing loss is worse than yours and I have been studying German for the last 5 to 6 years. I can hear the language quite well (understanding is sometimes a different matter!) if it spoken in it’s standard form - hochdeutsch. Where it becomes a problem is if it’s a film - on Netflix or Cinema. If you are going to learn English you need to be careful about how you learn it - it’s best to listen to clearly spoken English first - either U.K. or U.S. English documentaries or news - then dramas and finally film. It’s also easier if you have a regular tutor or Skype buddy or something like that. But your loss shouldn’t present any problem - just be realistic about hearing in large groups with fast conversation!

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Thank you all very much for your help and advice. I am very grateful to you.

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