Latest ReSound LiNX 3D Smart App Status Section - 5 Green Dots and a Low Battery Warning


I found a ‘for professionals’ pdf that says that 5 green dots in the status indicates a strong battery on the rechargeable Quattro . If I try to refine the search to the LiNX 3D there are no hits.

Since I installed Version 1.3.1 of the Smart App both my LiNX 3D HA show 5 green dots even as I’m hearing the low battery tone signal in one ear or the other.

When I downloaded it from the App Store I noticed that the app has a 2.8 out of 5 rating from users. How do we convince ReSound that this is a marketing problem?




Does anyone know how the LiNX 3D HAs track imminent failure of the batteries?

Last night at bedtime one HA had shut down for lack of power. I put it away for the night and turned it on in the morning and it started right up and ran for several hours before quitting.

Perhaps Zn/Air batteries can ‘rebound’ if given a rest? I thought this was not to be expected based on the chemistry involved in their discharge process.



It happens sometimes. There should be a low battery chime and there may be options for that. It is possible it could be turned off. You will need to ask your pro what the low battery scheme is.


As you found out in another thread, the fully charged indication when your batteries are actually conking out could be because you were in DEMO mold - where the battery status indicator is just a fake slide show of what settings look like. So hopefully when out of DEMO mode, you’ll see your true battery status.


I’ve had my 3Ds since May of this year. The Smart App is not perfect. It seems to indicate that the batteries are at 100% until they are running out of power. At that point the hearing aids warn me that power is low and about 5 minutes later they shut off.


do you have the rechargeable version? I believe the battery indicator lights are only for rechargeable


Not a rechargeable version. 3D Smart App guide doesn’t qualify that it is dependent on the hearing device. But you could be correct.


if you tap on my resound at bottom… then learn about the app… then status… go to pg.3 battery status it says for rechargeable HA’s


I only have page 1 and 3 with version 1.3.1. Perhaps the ‘Help’ knows what device I have? In any event the battery warning situation is really not a bother for me. I always keep a spare set of batteries with me.

Thanks for the reply.