Latest ReSound Accessory Updater (November 2019)

I belatedly noticed that there was a Smart Fit 1.5 update from November, 2019 available. After I updated Smart Fit, I noticed a ReSound Accessory Updater shortcut icon on my Windows desktop that I’d never seen before. After launching, the Updater app says that by attaching various ReSound accessories via USB to my computer, I can update the relevant firmware. Included in the list are two of the three ReSound accessories that I own, apparently - the Multi Mic and the Phone Clip (not the PC+, though?). There is also an “Audio Streamer” listed as updatable but no “TV Streamer 2.” Was wondering if anyone has used this updater to update any of their ReSound accessories recently? Presumably the updater is smart enough not to try to update anything that shouldn’t be updated but I thought before I tried frying a several hundred dollar device that I’d ask if anyone else has used the latest and greatest ReSound Updater recently and how it worked out. TIA for any info.

To answer my own question, the Accessory Updater works with all three of my ReSound devices: the Multi Mic, the Phone Clip+, and the TV Streamer 2. The PC+ is just recognized as “Phone Clip” and the TV Streamer 2 corresponds to the “Audio Streamer.” The Accessory Updater will also update the Noahlink Wireless when plugged into your PC via a USB cable (I used the one that came with my Noahlink Wireless). The Noahlink was the only thing requiring an update. Everything was purchased in late 2018 or 2019.

Noahlink Wireless: v2.18 of firmware —> v2.19
Phone Clip+: v2.4 current
Multi Mic: v0.9 current (implies a 1.0 version yet to come?!!)
TV Streamer 2(“Audio Streamer”): v2.5 current