Latest posts problem


@abram_bailey_aud: Are you messin’ around with things? If I’m not logged in and go to the usual /latest page I can see all the latest posts…including DIY etc. When I log in I do not see those posts and in fact /latest is not in the URL. If I type in that piece of the url I still don’t see things.
What gives? Am I hallucinating again?

Edit: If I set my default to Categories from Latest then I can see Latest when I click on it. If I have Latest as my default then I can’t see Latest. So I’ve set my default back to Categories for now. Hmm.

Edit again: So I remembered to try Edge…same result.


Actually I haven’t been spending much time on the forum the last week or so… wife had the flu and had to watch our daughter and my cat was attacked… everyone’s getting better now thankfully…

When you’re logged out, you will see the default home page, which is categories (for now)… when you’re logged in you will see whatever your preferred home page is… which is set in your preferences -> interface I think. Good luck.


For when you’re back to “normal” I’ll just let you read my whole post.
Thanks. Hope all turns out well.

Edit: @abram_bailey_aud: I’m going to bump this again to try to get an official answer.
So now I see that you have made it so that when someone comes to the site without logging in and clicks on latest still without logging in that they can’t see things like DIY and it turns out also not Online Sellers. Is this your intent? Or did some inadvertent side-effect happen?

I suggested long ago that audiograms shouldn’t be viewable without logging in. Is that something you could enable. I’d far rather have that than not being able to see DIY and Sellers without logging in.

And my first post still describes a continuing problem. Except I can’t of course see DIY now.

How come you can make all these fiddly little internal alterations but you can’t differentiate the Reply buttons?


This has actually been setup for quite some time. Months in fact. PVC wanted DIY setup that way, and there are threads somewhere that explain his rationale. Also, we had a big discussion about putting Online Sellers behind the scenes… this was a decision that was made primarily to stop the forum from turning into one big ad by online sellers. Of course, the benefit for online sellers is that they can advertise all they want in online sellers… So it was a compromise … see About the Online Sellers Category for more info

The vast majority of visitors are logged out, and the audiograms provide an incredible amount of context to these visitors. If you are uncomfortable with logged out users viewing your audiogram, my suggestion would be to remove it and provide it via private message to users who are in the “need to know” category…

Technically it can be done, but not easily. I would have to pay my developer a few hours wage to make it happen, and take him off other projects that have priority. The other projects are of such high priority to me that it just doesn’t make sense to me at the moment. I think it’s fairly easy to see the post vs thread level reply buttons, but if it seems to be a common issue among users, I would definitely add this to our development pipeline. In the meantime, I noticed some discussions about this on the discourse developer forum, and anticipate some type of platform level customization is in the works, that wouldn’t require time consuming customization on our end.


I would respectfully disagree. As you know I’ve been here since the move. I remember those topics being discussed. I remember no longer seeing those sub-forums in the top main page. So then it worked that one could simply go to latest and see ALL latest posts.
Now, quite recently, that has changed. Thus why I brought it up. Wondering WTH. So that’s for not logged in.

Then…still…the problem is when logged in and selecting Latest as your main page that it doesn’t show those sub-forums. Then switch back to standard Categories and manually go to latest and they all show. Is that your intent…even logged in? If so why? If not then there’s a problem.

I only went to the Reply button thought as a wondering that you do all these other fiddly internal alterations but you can’t change some button labels. I’m with you on the priority. I don’t personally care. It was just wth… you can do all these other things so why can’t you do what appears to be a simple button label. That’s all.

I gotta express my appreciation for the site and the work you’ve done to keep it functioning. I really hope you don’t mind questions and comments and WTH’s :).


I saw the problem two days ago where clicking brought you to the top rather than latest. It might have been corruption that repaired itself. I am not seeing it now except on a couple of threads that might not have been active since that possible corruption.

All seems back to normal.


I think I finally figured this out. So when I set the default homepage to Latest instead of Categories, this had an unintended side effect. DIY and Online Sellers are currently suppressed from the homepage, and were previously hidden on the Categories page, since the Categories page was set as the homepage. Now DIY and Online Sellers are available on the Categories page, but not the Latest page. So, my suggestion is to visit the category itself, or visit the New page, which shows new posts (individualized for you based on your previous viewing history) from all categories. Sorry about that!


I’ll highjack (hopefully briefly) the thread. You mentioned other projects. Is adding the speech banana to the audiogram still in the works? Seems like it provides a lot of explanatory value.


Well. No. Whatever. I frustrate myself that I guess I don’t explain things very well.
I’ll try again.
Log in.
Go to Preferences/Interface.
Set to Categories.
Click on blue old man hair ear :slight_smile: logo.
Click on Latest.
All good.

The problem is:
Log in.
Go to Preferences/Interface.
Set to Latest.
Click on blue old man hair ear :slight_smile: logo.
It shows Latest but not with those categories
Click on Categories and back to Latest and no change.

So I now just leave it on Categories and live with clicking on Latest.

This still doesn’t address the RECENT change in now not being able to see those categories in Latest when NOT logged in.


I addressed that above. I will try to figure out your other concern.


Ah, yes, this is still explained by my explanation above. Whatever you set your homepage to will not show the suppressed categories.


Well I think it’s a problem of the system for when logged in.
It’s your house. I guess I have to suffer the RECENT change in blocking those categories for when NOT logged in. I understand this was all talked about some time ago. My comment is that it’s only just recent that they’ve been blocked for when not logged in (let alone the current problem of not seeing them when logged in set to Latest).
Something’s not right or consistent somewhere.


You are wrong, the only change was changing the default homepage. The categories have been suppressed for months on the Categories page, and now they’re not, and this is the simple result of changing the default homepage for all visitors. Users on the other hand can select their own default home page, which shifts the suppressed categories. If you don’t understand this, I am happy to continue explaining via PM, but I think we’ve talked enough about it here.