Latest on aids for profound loss

Hi all. It’s been a couple of years since i’ve visited here. My 16 year old hearing aid broke again (Phonak Supero 413AZ) and I sent it in to a repair website to be fixed. It may be too old to repair so i’m wondering if any advances in profound aids have occurred in the past 2 years if I need to replace it.

My hearing loss is in the 110db range and the Supero really helped with residual sounds. Though I think I may have lost more hearing recently because without my aid in, I can’t hear sounds that I heard up till recently.

If I rattled a bottle of pills next to my ear I would hear the rattle ok, but now it’s lower and far away sounding. It’s the same with dishes clinking…it sounds muffled and far away than it was a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping it’s probably ear wax buildup because I saw a bunch of it inside the tubing recently.

But if it’s not and i’ve lost even more hearing…is there any latest aids that could help bring back residual sounds if my db loss jumped to 120 range or more? I live for those background sounds because it makes me feel connected with the world.

Right now as i’m typing this i’m in total and complete silence and it’s jarring. I just hope if I lost more hearing that something out there can still amplify enough for basic sounds. I don’t need to care about speech recognition because that’s been gone for ages now and i’ve long accepted that.

I go for ear wax removal tomorrow at a cvs clinic and I made an audiology test appt for next week, so i’ll find out what damage if any is by then. Hopefully my old Supero can be fixed and still be useful, but if not i’d like to know if anyone can tell me what’s the most powerful aid available in 2021. Thanks for any info. It’s much appreciated!!

Search this thread. There’s a whole thread on the most powerful Aids of 2021.

If you’re good with Phonak, then the Naida Paradise UP.

Thank you for that info. I entered that into the search box above and found the thread. Much appreciated!!