Latest Made for iPhone BTE hearing aid recommendations?

Currently trying the Phonak Naida Marvel (with direct to Android streaming). Still in the trial phase but not really satisfied with the sound signature, coming from Signia Pure PX7s.

Talked to my audi today about more options being available if I make the switch to iPhone, and she suggested we can try: Oticon Xceed 1 Power BTE w/ size 13 battery, or Resound Enzo Quattro Power BTE w/size 675 battery.

Are there any other options I should be considering?

Does anyone have suggestions?

You have pretty well covered your choices.
The aids you have now have had pretty good reports from members who have bought them.
Hearing aid tuning is very important. Pending on on your hearing loss the domes/molds are also very important.
Sharing your audiogram might help us help you.