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I read that fast battery drain can also come from the HAs fighting feedback. I turned off what Phonak calls whistle block and my size 13 battery life went up. Worth it to live with the occasional squeal if the HAs are already on when I stuff the earmolds in my ears. Worth smiling at the “love whistle” when I hug people and forget to turn them down. Hope this is helpful, John.

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If you’re sitting in the manual speech in loud noise program, that will also cut the battery life down by nearly half.


Oh, I am soooooo stealing “love whistle”! Feedback drives me insane, and I have been known to go through some crazy redneck engineering to get rid of it for my patients. But, “love whistle”? That’s BRILLIANT!!! :heart_eyes:

I have “Whistle Block” either completely off, or on a very low setting. I found that it blocked normal sounds. I don’t have any problem with feedback. I am wearing headphones over my aids right now.

Paul, The concert was outdoors, and I was way up on the hill in the cheap seats. It was Mark Knofler, who isn’t known for being excessively loud.

Well, I went to the VA today, and it didn’t turn out very well. The Audiologist scolded me for doing my own programming, then basically called me stupid for even thinking I could do that. She reset the programming back to the way it was initially set and told me to keep it that way for at least 2 months. When I asked about the Roger Select, she said “NO”.
She told me everything I had thought about how I had my aids programmed was wrong. So, my opinion of the VA Audiologists remains about the same. Set the aids for prescriptive loss and send them on their way. She also said what I have heard others say, and that is just wear the stupid things. So, they sound too loud, and annoy you and you can’t really hear any better with them than without. But just wear them anyway.
It seems I have just two options. One is to keep them programmed the way the VA has them, whether they work or not, and maybe get a Roger select at some later date. Or, else do my own programming and forget about ever getting anything else from the VA. I will have to think about it. Oh, I just thought of a third option. I can save the VA programming, go back to what I had, and change it back to the VA programming just before going back to complain about how they still aren’t working. Actually, there is a 4th option. Just take them off and live my life as I did before even thinking about hearing aids.

Ask for a different Audi or even go to a different clinic. I have asked my Audi for TV connect and phone connect etc and have never been turned down. But I do not atemp to program my on aids. I will be getting new aids this summer, and I am doing my research to see what I really would like to have. As of now my two are the Oticon OPNS1, or the Phonak Marvels. The aids I now have will be my backup aids. If I get the Oticon aids I will not need any extras, as I already have all that I need. But if we go with the Phonak than I will need at least the TV streamer.

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Sorry about your appointment results.
Did you notice what % prescription they are set at?

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I am about to read them. I don’t know where the next nearest VA Audiology clinic is. Probably Atlanta.
The Audiologists who work for the VA are on salary, and have no financial interest in doing anything different. They all remind me of a lot of other folks in the same kind of role. They have their way of thinking and aren’t about to deviate from it.
I did mention about battery life, and was told that with a lot of streaming, 2 1/2 days wasn’t unreasonable. The Audiologist said something about their batteries being bought under contract, and probably weren’t all that good. They did give me a wax removal tool, and asked more than once if I needed more batteries.
Chuck, I can’t advise you on which aids to go with, but I will say that these Marvels, even considering all the issues I have with them, are the best aids I have had. I have never had Oticons.

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John I have been wearing Oticon hearing aids now for over 10 years and I am so use to the sound of them. I am looking for someone that has worn the OPN and the Marvels so I can ask what difference in the sound they hear. What I love about the OPN aids is the full 360 degrees of sound. I can now hear my wife when she is in the kitchen and I am in the living room and I have my back to her.

Rick, They were set at 100%.
I told the Audiologist I would know if these settings were going to work before I got home. She said it would take at least a month for me to know. I do know that so far, I don’t like them. I will give them a while. How long, I don’t yet know. I do know that I probably can’t stand them the 12 to 16 hours a day the Audiologist insisted that I wear them.

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John can you explain why the 100% cannot be handled. The reason why is that my aids cannot be set to 100% due to feedback issues. My aid is saying that my aids are at about 94% of my target, and I am finding the closer I get to the target the better I understand speech. But I also know that my Audi did lower my high frequencies some and raised my mid range frequencies and that has helped my speech understanding a good bite.

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Thanks for that info.
If they are unbearable, try leaving everything alone except the % prescription. Drop that until you can stand them. Give that a try. You can always go up.
Good luck.

Chuck, I am very sensitive to loud sounds. While I know that the gain in the range where I have significant loss isn’t too high, the gain in the frequencies where my loss is mild to moderate makes a lot of sounds unbearable. I had given myself some gain at lower frequencies, and that made the higher frequencies less bothersome. I don’t know why. But the VA Audiologist said that gain was causing me not to be able to hear the higher frequencies. I don’t buy that. But, having said that, I was having problems with Autosense making sounds muffled. After the adjustment, this seems less so. I suspect she also raised the MPO way up again. I had lowered it so that louder sounds didn’t bother me nearly as much. I may just lower the MPO and see what effect that has. I can always go back before going back to the VA. This is the 4th Audiologist I have seen there, and there was only one who actually seemed to want to work with me. I don’t think I can request any certain one. I don’t remember the fellow’s name anyway.

Using MPO is not the right way to lower gain/volume.
If everything is too loud, try lowering the prescription. That will keep everything in balance to your hearing loss.
Another option would be to wear your aids less hours a day to get used to them.

Rick, They did raise the MPO back up. The only time it caused problems having it lower was with Autosense and in situations where there was a good bit of background noise.
So, If I understand what you are saying, lower the gain in the frequencies where I am having discomfort, but leave it up for the frequencies I don’t normally hear. Leave the MPO alone. I do have a question about SR2. If I have the gain jacked up to almost the feedback level in the higher frequencies, will that gain apply to the lowered frequencies, or will the gain at which the frequencies are lowered to? When I look at the gain vs frequency curves, it doesn’t look like I should be having the problems with loud sounds that I have. I just lowered the volume with the rocker two notches, and it quieted the harshness I was getting. But, it also is like I don’t even have the aids on. I am surprised that 4 dB made that much difference.

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John I guess different clinics have different setups but I I have used 4 different clinics over my 15 or so years with the VA and at each clinic I had an Audi assigned to me. I find that is very important to have that personal touch, in each case the Audi got to know me and was able to adjust my aids to my needs, and if I got new aids to get me aids that would work best for me. I moved to where I am know back in February of 2018 and I did not want to travel 50 miles to the clinic that was available to me when I first got here so I waited until the clinic opened in the town closest to me. I had an appointment with the new clinic for the day after it opened, and I have been with the same Audi ever since, he did not know me at all, except by my VA records when I first met him. I pushed hard to get the new aids set up correctly, and it did take 9 appointments over about 9 or 10 months to get them where they are. In January my Audi said he wants to get me new aids in June which will be about 18 months since I got the aids I have. He said that my aids cannot fully reach the target that I need to hit. So my aids will become my backup aids and I will get new aids that are set on the base of what I have and upped to my target, then we will work from there.
There was a time I was extremely sensitive to noise and sound, but with the help of hearing aids I have overcome that sensitivity and I can now deal with the sounds that I once could not.

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To lower gain, use the % prescription. Try not to make other adjustments at this time.
Sound Recover will blend the upper frequencies into lower frequencies without adding too much gain in those frequencies. What are the a Sound Recover settings at? What are the first and second cut offs at?
I really think you should trust your VA fitter. Only adjust % prescription if volumes are too loud at this time or the volume control isn’t enough or adjust how many hours you wear the aids each day until you can get used to them.
Give it a try.

Something about Sound Recover you probably already know is when you transfer all those higher frequency sounds down into your hearing zones along with the sounds already in those frequencies it can get busy. It can be overwhelming at first. But after some time it all starts to make since and words and sounds come together. Pretty amazing technology.
Hang in there.

I hear different things depending on which Audiologist I happen to see. One told me that they never use frequency lowering. The one yesterday said they do. One told me they only use NAL-NL2 fitting formula, but I noticed when I read mine after I got home, that they were set to Phonak Digital Adaptive. Chuck said it took several visits to get his aids adjusted properly. So, I have decided to play their way. I am not going to reprogram at all. The only adjustment I will make is with the volume rocker. The Audiologist told me to wait 2 months before coming back. So, that is what I am going to do. I will be back the second week of April. Actually, they haven’t made any adjustments yet. She just set them back to the way they were when I first got them, with the exception of the fitting formula. I would have thought that she would do another REM when doing that, but she didn’t. I will find out if they really know anything about actually adjusting aids. When I am still coming back every two months a year from now, maybe they will sing a different tune. I have my weekly Wal Mart visit coming up today. That will be a pretty good test of how well they are working now. Chuck, I have used SR2 enough to get used to most of the artifacts it produces. I started out with the lower frequency cut off at 1.5 KHz. This was too low. Raised it to 1.8, and it seemed better. I think I noticed that they had raised it to 2.2 KHz yesterday, and I hardly notice that it is on now. Streamed some TV through them last night, and there were frequencies that were uncomfortable. Streaming isn’t a good test. Wal Mart will show more.


Sounds like a good plan.
I really hope your patient will pay off. You have people pulling for you here.
Keep us posted.