Landline with Bluetooth Capabilities

I just got an iphone to go with my new Bluetooth compatible HA, but we don’t get cell phone access out where we live. Unless I want to drive 10 minutes closer to town each time I make a call, I need to get a Bluetooth compatible landline. Does anyone have any suggestions?

All the phones we’ve looked at in the store are office phones. I saw a post awhile back in which someone recommended the VTech LS5145, but I can’t tell if it will work alone or if it just works with Bluetooth cell phones. I tried a Jabra A210 Universal Bluetooth adapter to go with my landline, and it works, but I seem to have to reset it each time I use my cell phone, and then my Jabra A120 with my computer (it is supposed to pick up automatically, but doesn’t). Any thoughts or suggestions in this area would be helpful also! Thank you!!

There are quite a few Bluetooth home phones.

yes, the VTech LS5145 works with Bluetooth headsets as well as Bluetooth phones. My son has an iCom with his Phonak Naida and it is paired to both my iPhone and the VTech.

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I just figured out a landline solution for my new Oticon Streamer. ANY landline phone you buy will only work with the Streamer (and I suspect the iCom unit) if it links to bluetooth HEADSETS. As of 17 Aug 2009 most bluetooth compatible landlines (specifically tried by me were the ATT TL92378 and the Panasonic KXTH1212B) only link to cell phones, and not specifically to headsets. The exception seems to be the vtech line. I just bought and am successfully paired and using a VTECH LS 6245
(the update of the 6145 referenced earlier). So before you buy a ‘bluetooth enabled’ landline, google the phone model, get into the instruction manual, and make sure it pairs with headsets.

I also first tried the Jabra A210. The one i got from eBay never completely linked to my streamer.

the ATT works beatufully

Most the new new bluetooth landline phones no longer connect to headsets. There are only a couple still available. I bought the ATT EP5632 a couple of months ago and it works good with my iCom.

But all of the newer ATT bluetooth phones that I’ve seen don’t support headsets.