Labeling left and right

I just a got pair of HAs and there seems to be a red and blue tag that can attached, which I assume is to identify right and left. Is there a standard? If not I will just say Red is right because they both start with an ‘R’.

That is exactly how they are labeled. Left is Blue, Red is Right. Good Luck With your HA.

My audiologist explained that the convention follows the nautical rule
“red right returning” which refers to the bouy system used here in the USA so that if you come out of the fog or pick up a bouy in the middle of the night and if it is “red” alway pass it to starboard.

Thus “red right returning” and the red dot or label is for the right ear.

I think it might be best to remember it as RED is RIGHT. Because in nautical terms red is port, which is just going to confuse the issue.

And to answer the original question, yes Red is always Right. Even in other countries.