KS9 separate volume controls

I’m in the second day with new KS9’s. I needed a change in volume on my right aid. I went to an audi at Costco and asked if he would uncouple the aids so I could do independent volume changes. He said no can do. He told me that this could be done on the app, but I explained that the app would not save any changes I made. He called Phonak and got my phone straightened out so that changes would be preserved from one session to the next. While he was in Target I asked him to leave the aids uncoupled so I could test whether they stayed uncoupled. After saving and exiting the software the aids were again coupled so that volume changes on one aid affected both. With my previous aids I’ve been able to de-couple the aids for independent control. Is there a way to accomplish this with the KS9’s without having to open the app?

Your KS9 aids can be set to control volume separately.

That makes sense but there must be something other than clicking the link symbol to make that happen. I can’t check myself b/c I don’t have the Noahlink wireless (yet).

Using the app to make changes works to some extent but it’s not like being in Target. When I get my Noahlink wireless I’ll probably save the Costco programming and then do an audiogram direct fitting. I made some silicone ear molds tonight and that helped with some of the problems I was having.

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You mean in target or in the app?

If you know a way to separate only volume control in target please share.

I understood that I can either have HAs completely independent, so then ultrazoom won’t work but I’ll be able to use button for volume control for each,
I can have them connected for ultrazoom feature and exchanging the signal but then volume is also synced.

I got my Noahlink Wireless and reprogrammed my aids using audiogram direct. It took me two tries to get the gain where I wanted it but the whole process only took about a half hour. This solved all the problems I had with my Costco programming.

Before reprogramming I made silicone ear molds. I was getting feedback with domes. Also in the past I’ve had problems with domes irritating my ear canals.

I couldn’t find a way to get separate volume controls on the aids. It may be there but I couldn’t find it. My aids are working so well now that I don’t think I need separate volume controls anymore.


I was mistaken about separate volume controls on the Marvel/KS9 aids. Older versions of Phonak aids did have the ability to separate right and left volume control in fitting software.
Sorry about that.

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As I only wear 1 x HA now I don’t need the feature but when I wore 2 x HAs, I always had separate volume.

I think it’s disappointing that you can’t separate them anymore.

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