KS9 MFI or Bluetooth

I currently have the KS8 hearing aids but looking to get another pair. My current set are MFI and I’m curious if the KS9’s are just bluetooth or can they be setup as MFI also.
Anyone know this answer?

Thank you

They are standard Bluetooth. They can be used with iPhones but they are not MFI.

They are not MFI. Regular bluetooth.The same as the Phonak Marvels.

Ok thank you.
I like some of the MFI options, don’t want to give that up. I can swipe down and instantly control the settings from my home screen, nice and quick for volume, presets and check battery status.
Also I like the way I have my mic volume setup currently. When I receive a call or listen to audio on my phone it turns the mic volume down by 50%, this makes it much easier to hear without all the ambient noise.
Are these options possible with normal bluetooth on the KS9’s?

The volume turn down when streaming, that’s the hearing aids doing that, not your phone. It’s configurable in the program your audiologist/hearing instrument specialist uses (Target) to setup the aids.