KS9: Losing Bluetooth connection to phone when I move my head

I have a pair of Cosco Kirkland hearing aids,latest generation. I love them, they’re really life changing. I stream audiobooks, music, Pandora etc from my phone to the aids which is a great convenience. Some times, though, when I change my head position, the sound cuts out briefly. I don’t know if it’s the Bluetooth, or just the aids re calibrating in response to changing mic input due to the change in head position. This doesn’t always happen. Any ideas? The people at Costo didn’t have any ideas.

You shouldn’t lose the connection everytime you move your head

This doesn’t happen all the time, even very often. It could happen,for example, when I’m in my shop listening to an audio book while looking straight ahead and then look down at what I’m working on. It soon comes back but may or may not go out when I look back up again. It could be when I’m mowing the lawn and move my head similarly.
Most times it’s not a problem at all, but once in a while it happens which is frustrating.

The antennas are small in the aids. Is the stream paused or skipping? A few more details might get a better guess. Where is the phone, shirt pocket or pant pocket? Left or right? Which aid connects to blue tooth?

Type of phone? Could it be OK google or siri picking up sound and pausing your stream?

If outside, that’s BT issue. I noticed it when I had my phone in hip bag in front of me and was looking left and right on the semaphore before crossing the road. My right ear is master so when I look to the right, streaming cuts of.

I assume only thing that might help is wearing the phone on the shoulder where master aid is so it always has clear line of sight and does not need to find a way around your head.

Also you could experience that slave side disconnects, again bt issues and it’s incapability to go through our head but relying on bouncing off things around us. Phonak uses their bt modifications but on the same wavelength iirc.

In closed spaces only time I get disconnected is when I’m to far away from the phone / tv connector.
Outside I feel like I have to walk on eggshells.

I don’t know if that is because HAs are bt 4.2 and would of be better if they were 5.0 or something. I don’t understand bt too deep yet.

But it could be also HA recalibrating, or chip issue. Since with paradise I noticed almost rock solid connection and its the same bt protocol, but also different chip. They will disconnect but significantly less often. Like once in a 20 min trip (walking, bus, train/underground) with paradises vs on every semaphore with marvels on the similar route.

Marvels == ks9.

The stream is definitely skipping.
The phone is in my left pants pocket. I’ve kept my phone there ever since I had a cell phone and any time I try to carry it anywhere else, I have mini panics that my phone is lost. :wink:
The phone connects to my right aid. I have tried carrying it in other pockets but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. When I’m in my shop I often leave the phone on my workbench,usually on my left so I’ll have to try it in different locations.
I have noticed that how the phone is in my pocket sometimes,not always, makes a difference. I’m guessing that this could be related to where the BT antenna is in the phone.
The phone is a Samsung S8, which by today’s standards is ancient :grin:.

Your problem is one of the reasons I don’t like Bluetooth. At 2.4 GHz, the signals bounce of things, which can be good, because they can penetrate small openings. It can also be bad when the bouncing causes selective cancellation. The idea is to have your phone as near to the aid that receives the Bluetooth signal as possible. This isn’t always practical. I have tried to use Bluetooth to stream TV and music, but always have random dropouts, even from some close distances. I have a TV Connector I use with my Marvels some, and I get drop outs from 8 feet away with nothing between it and my aids except air. Then, I can go out in the yard, and hear the signal in one aid or the other from as far as 100 feet away, through a wall. The only sure fire cure to your problem is to wear your cellphone in a holster strapped to the middle of your upper back.

I have it :stuck_out_tongue: it works fine, so it serves its purpose. But I agree, it’s definitely possible that some newer phone with the same aids could be better. Even though s8 has bt 5.0 in it, chip/antenna might be improved in some other model.

I think I put mine mostly top/head down in my bag, not sure though. Did you remember when it’s better for your case?

One more thing - you can try is to ask your fitter to swap which HA is master and which slave, and put left as the master one. Maybe that way you might get less skipping while keeping your habits :slight_smile:

I carry my pixel 1 in my left shirt pocket and the left ha is the master. Seems to work well. Google sometimes thinks I am talking to it, narsacistic company.

iPhone 6 and KS9’s, and yes, where the phone is positioned makes a big difference in BT streaming. Around the house I can leave the phone on the tabletop and wander pretty much anywhere on the same floor without it cutting out. When out walking the dog, it’s a different story. In a belt case, it cuts out often. In a shirt pocket, not so much. In a sports armband deal on my right arm, it cuts out even less. In my hand in front of me at chest or stomach level, it never cuts out. Still, I like it better than using earbuds with the phone and having to take them out and put the aids in if I bump into a neighbor on our walk.

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Google and Alexa do indeed think you’re talking to them. On a humorous related note, when we got a new kitten last year I asked Facebook friends to suggest names. One guy, with a wry sense of humor, suggested Alexa or Siri :rofl:

Brewerpaul, et. al.

Thanks for this string. Had same issues with my new-to-me KS9s while BT-connected to an iPhoneX jostling in a (left forward) pocket on today’s hike. Experienced exactly the “skipping” issues you mention while streaming a book and then music. Was wondering if you’ve hit upon a solution in the months since your first post.

I too suspect an antenna attitude issue. Noted that a) if I held the iPhone at chest/shoulder level, skipping ceased; b) ditto if I held the iPhone horizontally at any level, including pocket level–that got me some funny looks from fellow hikers.

Any chance this has anything to do with battery charge level of the 312s in the HAs? Was a bit surprised that there is no battery charge monitor in the Phonak app.

Also noted occasionally that only one ear dropped, maybe due to master/slave relationship of earpieces? Do you know which earpiece of the KS9s is the master?

Thanks again,


It’s normally the right unless the audiologist actually changes it to the left.

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FWIW I recently abandoned my S8 for a new Samsung A52. In addition to being a great phone, I don’t have that old problem any more.

Thanks @brewerpaul
I have the same issue outoors.
Maybe this is reason enough to by a new phone…

My problem was worse outdoors, but still did happen indoors sometimes.
Depending on how old your phone is, it may be worth switching.

I had one smarpthone a long time ago that had poor mobile network reception. I’ve noticed that I get 2 more dashes if I remove the smartphone case. So I stopped using the case on that model.

I don’t have those problems on the new models. but maybe bluetooth will work better if you take off the case.