KS9: Interference when making phone calls

Ok, I picked up my new KS9’s today. All went well and I’m finding them quite comfortable. Seeing as how I’ve only had them for about eight hours, I don’t have too many questions just yet. As I stumble through the learning curve, I’m sure I’ll have some to pass on to any listening ears! I do have one query though…I’ve been able to pair aids with my IPhone 11pro no problem, however, when I make a phone call, I can hear them and they can hear me, but there is a great deal of interference coming from somewhere. I was in the house when I made the call and holds the phone in my hand. Would anyone have any suggestions as to where the interference might be coming from and possibly a solution?

Might try the Bluetooth bandwidth setting. Whatever it’s on, put it on the other.
It helped me.

I’ll see if I can find my way to that setting!Thanks!

On android when you go to the list of connected Bluetooth devices, for each device you can click on their setting, and then in there.

I would expect iphone to have something similar

Nope. When I go there it just says, “disconnect or forget this device”. I’ll keep searching!:man_facepalming:Thanks!

This setting is in the Phonak Target software under Fitting, Device Options, Bluetooth. The choices are Adaptive Bandwidth and Fixed Bandwidth.
Your issue could be this.
Good luck

Can I use this myPhonak app on my KS9’s?

I’m doing fine using my phone as I normally would but, when I go in for my appointment I’ll have them check this out. Thanks for this, it makes sense that they could adjust this in their programming.

The KS9 aids use a different app than Phonak Marvel aids. It’s called Easy Line. I do not know if this Bluetooth bandwidth selection is in that app.

No. It doesn’t appear to be in the Easy Line app. I also downloaded myPhonak and, it only allows volume adjustment. I’ll check it out with the audiologist. Thanks so much!

Try unpairing and re-pairing…Also try in a different location. Remember Bluetooth uses the same frequency band as Wi-fi. There may be something in your home causing interference. I have seen some reports of LED bulbs being noisy.

That makes a lot of sense. I’ve only tried it at home so far. I’ll try making a call now as I’m out and about. I’ll update later! Thanks.

Under programs does it say Automatic? If so your fitter has set it to Automatic. When you go back you might want to try all the priograms for more control. Some do, some do not.

I tried both adaptive and fixed and it did nothing. On music the BT is fine, but on phone calls there is a sound line static. I believe it is actually the clipping and over amplification in the speech spectrum of the digital signal processing. I no longer use the HA’s for phone calls. No one likes the sound of my voice or the background noise of my Phonak M50R’s! In fact these may go back.

Sorry the bandwidth idea didn’t work for you.
Clipping due to gain is a programming issue.
Try to take notes on what’s going on. Share this with your fitter.
Good luck

I will do that. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks. The phone call issue is really the only issue I’m having. I’m really quite pleased with the KS9’s. I was reading here somewhere too that, there was a firmware update by Phonak that would include the KS9, so I’ll check into that as well when I see the audiologist.

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I once said that I’ve seen it under phone settings, but that’s wrong. It’s in the my phonak app, top right menu, then ‘my hearing aids’ part and then under ‘bluetooth phone call’

@CBGuy you can use the phonak app after you get the firmware update for KS9 :slight_smile:

Thanks Blacky!! I have an appointment in the next couple weeks. I’ll have them check it out.

New KS9 user here. Static issues on phone calls.

Has anyone found a solution? Any input I can pass on to my Costco rep?

Same as others streaming music & videos ok just phone calls bad.

I have rebooted/repaired/tested bandwidth settings.

I am using MyPhonak with my KS9s.