KS9 and Iphone 11 and Bluetooth

KS9/Phonak aids. Bluetooth worked perfectly with my iPhone 7+ for phone calls. Upgraded to an iPhone 11. Now every few phone calls I get a ton of static or crackling. I think if I turn Bluetooth off and back on on the phone it might fix it for a while, but I have only had the new phone a few days so not positive. I depend on bluetooth streaming for all my business calls so this is a serious issue for me.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with this combination of ks9 and iPhone? Is there a solution? Would switching to KS10s fix?

I had this, I had to switch the bandwidth within the App. My old iPhone worked with adaptive but not my current iPhone.

Mine worked for a little and then it was just static.

Since changing the bandwidth, I’ve had no issues.

I have kids hearing aids so my App is different to yours but this is what I mean. I believe my standard is classed as fixed on your App?

Thanks. On my iphone 11 in the myphonak app, I went to devices, bluetooth phone calls, select connection, then changed it from enhanced sound quality (adaptive) to normal sound quality.

Lets see if it helps!

And hopefully my aids will remember this selection even when the app is closed.

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Let us know!