KS8s One Week In

I have now being wearing the KS8s for a week. I have been back to Costco once for fine tuning. Here is what I have noticed. Your mileage may vary:

  • I believe that my overall voice comprehension has improved.

  • I am able to understand TV dialog with just the KS8s. When I wore the Bernafons I had to use a streamer and a pendent. Even then, I still had to use subtitles. Since I got the KS8s, much to my wife’s relief, I have turned the subtitles off.

  • Streaming from my iPhone and iPad is pretty slick. It is easy to switch between devices. However, I have noticed that if I pause the audio on the YouTube app on my iPad while I look something up in another app, when I return to Youtube I will only have audio in one hearing aid, most often the left. In order to correct this, I have to cycle Bluetooth on and off. The KS8s are much less persnickety about connecting than the Bernafons. The required pendant, would not reliably connect to a previously paired source without me first disabling all my other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch).

  • Music streamed from my iPhone doesn’t sound as good as on a regular speaker or full size headphones, but it doesn’t sound bad. Boosting the base has added some improvement The sound for phone calls is excellent. The Bernafons sounded much better with streamed music. Low power Bluetooth may not have the necessary bandwidth to provide vibrant streamed audio.

  • The battery level indicator in the app is worthless. It shows 80-100% almost up to the point were the battery dies. Otherwise, the app is pretty solid and allows for a great deal of fine tuning and adjustments on the fly.

  • With16 hours of use a day including two hours of streaming a night, I am getting about four days on a set of batteries. The Bernafons gave me seven.

  • In very loud environments, my voice is being overly amplified. The Hearing Aid Specialist made an adjustment for this at my return visit. However, it still has not been completely corrected. I have an appointment to go back and see him next Monday. He is going to contact Rexton in the interim, hopefully he can address it then.

  • They are much more comfortable to wear. The Bernafons required an ear mold. I am using double domes with the KS8s.

  • I find them less intrusive than the Bernafons as there is no pendent to deal with. I do everything directly from my phone.

  • Overall I am very pleased with them. They were over $1000 less than the Bernafons and do a better job overall.

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I am glad that you are having such good luck with your K8’s M, not so much. I have been wearing then now for about 2 weeks maybe and have been back for adjustments almost every few days! now problems with feed back,really bad feed back,can’t seem to find the right dome’s to fit my small ears inter ear.

I initially had the feedback issue with the Bernafons. I ended up having to get ear molds to resolve it.

I have Rexton Cobalt from Costco, bought around 2011. Does anyone know how they’d compare against the new KS8’s? Are the KS8’s available from Costco Canada yet?


Soon. A few weeks. They’re taking down names of people who are interested in them.

Hi Rob.
I have just gone from 2010 Cobalts to KS7 with a substantial improvement in hearing.

I really would like to have the KS8s but because I will be away the entire month of May and am afraid of the old Cobalts giving up in some foreign land, went for the 7.

I think that once I can get past some fit issues with a very busy store, I will be happy. My understanding is the 8s have improvements over the 7s. Better? I don’t know, but if they are even the same as 7 hearing wise, that’s fine with me.

I am very disappointed in the battery life of the 7 and also understand the 8 is no better.

A couple of times I let the Cobalts run dead just to see and 9 days seemed to be the limit, so I adopted a pattern of change every Friday morning and always knew where I was.

The 7s lasted 4 days on the first set and I am on day 4 of the second set…BUT…I can only wear them for 8 hours because of the lousy fit.

I hate the thought of always having to remember to carry extra batteries everywhere I go.

I’m still hoping the KS8 will be out in time for me to capture a set before my 90 days are up. I am monitoring the KS8 release in Canada closely and as far as I can put two and two together, Rexton is in the process of making the Costco rounds, to introduce and demo the KS8 to the fitters.

I also am hearing that in the past, release of new models followed the demos & intro within weeks.

Hope this helps.

Right! I have a friend who is on a wait list at the Burnaby store.

I might have to try that,I also have ear tubes,but i don’t think this is the problem,my Costco guy,did try another adjustment and tonight I didn’t have as much feed back,so I see him again tomorrow evening to maybe try out the resound hearing aids.

What are “double domes” - I can’t picture that. With my present HAs I am wearing regular domes and am not familiar with the concept of doubling them.
Best wishes, Nate :smiley:


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aka power domes.
KenP beat me to it. The picture tells the story.

Thanks, Ken & Z!

I knew about open and closed domes and about tulips and about custom molds which I once wore, but I didn’t know about double domes and had never noticed them pictured before. They sort of look like button mushrooms from the produce department of the grocery store, don’t they? LOL!

Is their purpose to make sure that the canal is completely occluded, or are they intended to keep the domes from popping or slipping out?


They depend on loss. Open let thru the base. Tulip less so and help with the highs where there is a tendency to have feedback. The closed and double just add to that.

I wear double because of my loss and don’t feel occlusion. Occlusion effect is felt mostly by those wearing them at the start and usually goes away.

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Unless you have the back pressure form of occlusion. I could see getting used to the different sound of ones own voice but not the back pressure that I experience. Thus I use open domes. I have single closed domes that I’ve yet to experiment with poking a single vent to see if that allows the pressure release. I suspect it would. Just haven’t got around to it yet.

After testing the different programs in noisy situations.,…I found that the Group Conversation setting works the best. Noise/Party and Reverb Reducer do not seem to help much with voice clarity and background noise.

Thanks for the explanation, Ken!

Thank you DrBob, for your thorough review, and all repliers for your helpful comments.

I, too, am one week in with my Signature 8s. These are my very first HAs.

Net-net: While my HA’s appear to be working as they should, I’m still unsure my hearing has improved $1600 worth.

I would appreciate hearing any similar experiences and /or guidance on what to try to better gauge hearing improvement.

Some background:

  1. I’ve toyed with getting my hearing tested for 3-4 years, based on difficulty hearing my wife’s soft, high pitched voice, TV dialog (mainly female) , conversation in noisy environments, and people that speak softly. I’ve compensated with turning up TV volume, turning on closed captions, avoiding noisy conversation conditions, saying “say again” a good bit, and pretending I heard what someone said even if I didn’t.

  2. I finally got my hearing tested at Costco (about 5 weeks ago), after two friends reported excellent results (“life transforming” said one).with Costco KS6s and KS7s,

  3. My audiogram shows my left ear deficit as “mild to moderate” for the higher frequencies (2k to 4k); my right ear shows “moderate to moderate-to-severe” for these same frequencies. I have little/no difficulty hearing in the bass and mid frequency range. This pretty much confirmed my own subjective experience. I was excited to start enjoying a transformative experience of my own,

  4. I am a healthy and very active 70 years old, retired from a tech profession for 3 years.

  5. I have a Samsung S7, rarely listen to audio on it , so streaming not important to me.

Specific experience with the KS8s:

  1. Very comfortable. Using the Domes, size 8 in right ear, size 4 in left. Easy to put in.

  2. Clean them! I’ve learned to clear ear way from the dome tube every time I insert them, lest no sound at all comes through.

  3. On arriving home from Costco with my new HAs, to a small group dinner, I could hear my wife and another family member with a soft voice quite clearly. They commented that I was speaking in a lower voice and not saying “what?”. My excitement grew!

  4. Since day 1, I have worn them in restaurants a few times (both noisy and not so much), for watching TV, during outside activity (biking, playing pickleball, but not kayaking), and of course conversing with my wife. The noticeable different waned. I cannot now say for sure that my hearing is noticeably improved. I’ve even experimented with lowering the TV sound as far asa I could and still hear the dialog without my HAs on, then putting them on. No noticeable difference.

Is it possible that one day of wearing them jogged my brain into processing the frequencies I have been missing?

I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks, and am thinking that if I am not totally convinced of their $1600 added value, I may return them.

Would appreciate your thoughts on how you gauged your own improvement and suggestions of what I could do.

The fact you are always clearing wax might be a contributing factor. The wax guards may also be starting to fill. might want to try a wax removal kit or ask your doctor for removal.

The wax may very well be an issue. What’s your wife say? I wasn’t sure either and my wife was very clear that it made a difference and encouraged me to keep them. The only clear difference I could discern was that my soft spoken daughter was a lot easier to understand (and I could hear high pitched sounds a lot easier.)

I am glad that reading this helped. The thing to remember is that hearing aids are not like glasses. They will never restore your hearing to normal. Also you do not realize all of the benefit immediately, your brain takes sometime to adapt and learn how to process the sound from them. So give it time. You have six months to return them.

When I first started wearing hearing aids my wife complained that I was speaking to softly. It took awhile to gauge the volume of my own voice.

I still notice a great deal of difference when I remove them. Putting them in just makes everything clearer.

I have earwax issues also. I use Debrox every couple of weeks and then rinse my ears out in the shower. This helps immensely. If you see wax on the aid, that means you have build up in your ears. If you put the aid back in with out flushing your ears, you are likely to be pushing the wax deeper into the canal and aggravating your hearing challenges. It will also start to clog up the aid.

Stick with them for awhile, the results do not happen overnight.