KS8 with iphone question & ear buds


So, had my new costco 8,0 aids 4 days now. Several questions. I am thankful for this forum b/c I have zero friends with hearing aids (that I know of) that I can ask

I would not describe my domes as uncomfortable (they are tulip domes), but I really have to resist the urge to yank them out a lot. I just always have the sensation they are there, it never really dissipates. Maybe with more time? I do find myself having to push in them a bit. I really wouldn’t say they’ve slipped out very much, but maybe sligthly. Does that mean the domes need to be smaller to go further in, or are they too big? I think I’m wearing 8 mm domes now.

When I am in the car, I can only hear out of my right ear with my i phone. IS that normal? If I watch a you tube video from my home, it plays in both ears. I also used GPS last night & I could only hear in my right ear & it seemed to only randomly work… I don’t know if it was giving directions & I couldn’t hear them, or if the GPS was screwed up, but have never had issues with the GPS like that before.

And now on to my dumbest question, but I don’t know how to un- pair the aids and the iphone quickly. Last night when I realized I was not getting directions from the GPS, I wanted to just turn off the feed to the iphone, so I could listen to directions in the traditional sense.

And last, would you assume that the hearing aid dispenser has not given me all the gain I’m going to get in just the first adjustment? Today was my first day trialing the aids at work and while I did notice an improvement, I still had some difficulties hearing at times. Hoping there’s still improvement coming.


1)Re the domes: Try not pushing them in and see what happens. It may just be that you’re aware of them and feel like you need to push them in which makes you aware of them, ad nauseam. Are you using the plastic retainer that curls up in your outer ear? That can sometimes help keep them in place. If all that fails, ask to try another size or type of dome.
2) Hard to say about what the fitter has done with gain. Many give less than what is recommended by fitting software, but asking is the only way to know.
3) I really don’t know about unpairing with the iphone, but my instincts say to open and close the battery doors on your hearing aids. Hopefully familiar with using an iphone can comment.
No clue on your other questions.


No need to “unpair” from your iPhone, just turn off the bluetooth OR change audio output to a different source.

iPhone before “X” series:
swipe up from bottom of phone and turn off bluetooth

iPhone “X” series:

swipe down from RH upper corner and turn off bluetooth


Thank you , I knew it was simpe


It takes a while to get used to having something stuck in your ears. While I don’t find domes uncomfortable, I am constantly aware they are there. I have itchy ears much more often with them in, so I have to yank them out, stick my finger in my ear, give it a good tweaking, and reinstall the dome. I understand that often hearing aids are programmed with less than prescribed gain to make getting used to them easier. They may increase with time on their own, or your audiologist may reprogram them for you, depending on the brand of aid and how they are set up. I know nothing about iPhones and aids.


In my car I hear with both ears & the car.

On my iPhone 6 when I find that only one ear of my KS6 connects, I use their app which fixes the pairing.

I realize your iPhone is newer and your KS8 are a different manufacturer. Perhaps the same trick will work, though.


Is it possible to mute the microphone when playing music or calling over iPhone via Bluetooth? I didn’t go ahead with my purchase because apparently you can’t.


Do you mean the hearing aid microphones or the iPhone microphone?
I do not think the iPhone microphone is active when playing music,

I know when using my Phone Clip+ & TV Streamer, the HA microphone volume can be controlled separately by triple-clicking the home button on the phone.


I figured out not being able to hear out of my left ear. Somehow, the left ear lost it’s connection. I got the notice that I lost my blue tooth connection (just in left ear though) and when I would push connect, it just would see please wait & never connected. By going back to the settings in the iphone, it showed the left ear & right ear connected, but I just pushed to un connect the left ear & then pushed connect again & it worked. So, one more thing worked out for now.

On a positive note, I seem to be adjusting quickly to all the amplified sounds around me. The first few days running water sounded like glass breaking, etc, but that part is getting better!


Hi Patti,
Thanks for your questions and the replies. I also recently got the Sig 8’s. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for years. As for the domes falling out. I have the same issue. I don’t want to constantly be pushing these things back in my ears. My older HA tube had a hair width plastic piece, really an extension of the tube, that would fit inside the hollow of my ear thus keeping the dome from falling out. I mentioned that to the fitter at Costco when I got my HA’s. He said they can provide that if requested. I may go back and get that as I have the same issue as you with the domes, if not pulling out completely, then dislodging a little. I also fear that the constant pushing in on the wire will eventually break the wire as I’ve had happen on my old Starkeys.

The Costco lady loaded software on my Iphone 5C which works well. I did find the same issue as you in that one HA disconnected, but it was remedied by going back and connecting again.

The Costco lady told me about another software program, “Smart Direct” which I loaded on my Iphone. Give it a try. It allows you to direct the microphones in the HA. I don’t use it, really, but it might be better for you in your social situations.

Sometimes the fitters does not give you all the gain initially. I was programming my own Starkeys and there’s a mode in that software for new users to slowly increase the gain over time. They don’t want to overwhelm new users with too much sound. I remember going overseas where there were lots of motorcycles and it was almost painful wearing the HA’s. By all means go back to him and ask him to adjust. My fitter at Costco put me in front of some speakers with a probe in my ears along with the HA’s. She then pushed up the whole of the spectrum a bit. I’m pretty happy with the adjustment. I’d say to give it a month, maybe and then go back or contact by email to see if they will auto adjust up over time. I don’t know if the Rexton Software self adjusts.



Thanks Allen for your thoughts. I do have the smart direct on my phone. I have played with the directional microphone a little bit. I was out to eat the other night & was at the end of a rectangular table. I did try to narrow the focus to about 180 degrees since no one was behind me, but honestly, the automatic setting sounded better. So far, the automatic connection is smarter than what I’m able to achieve, but I haven’t had much chance to play with it.

I did realize that I could give myself some more volume too. There was just so much to take in at my initial fitting that I could only retain so much. I was so focused on losing my blue tooth connection that I was overlooking the simple volume slider. My next fitting adjustment is on 12/11, although they said they would work me in sooner, if needed. I think I will hang in there until then.

I could be wrong on the buds, but my canal tends to go up toward the end (maybe everyone’s do) & I think the farther I can get my bud in, the more comfortable it is. I may need a longer wire (which I assume is an easy fix?). I do have the retention wires, although I might have accidentally trimmed them too short.

So do you like your Sig 8’s compared to your previous aids?


I’d like to say I like my Sig 8’s are better than my old Starkeys without caveat. However, I was programming my Starkeys myself. You see I bought a Hi-Pro and cables and got the Starkey software. You can do the same thing with the Sig 8’s, if you so desire. This site has a DIY group that will help you set up.

To continue, I was programming them with an outdated Audiogram. I’m tempted to go back and re-program them with the new Audiogram from Costco, but the HA’s are shot. I learned a lot programming my own. Costco has made these HA’s pretty cost effective. I was buying used HA’s on-line, but the newer Starkeys, even used, often cost more than these Sig 8’s. If you haven’t shopped around, you should know that the HA shops usually charge $5-$8 for the latest HA’s. A lot of the guys here will tell you how different one MFG is from another, but for my money, they are all pretty close. Small computer connected to a speaker. I’m not sure how many HA processors there are, but I would imagine only a few. Then the difference is how the MFG programs the processor. I’ve seen the programming software that Starkey uses. The fitters in most states only have to go to school for less than 1 year to fit you. So, at the risk of irate readers here, I’ve found that the (Starkey) software is made to be easy to use. They can just plug in your audiogram and auto-program you HA’s. Very few adjustments needed after that. If you can find a real good fitter that will work with you to fine tune to your own needs, well, I’ve never met one, though I’ve heard of some great ones on this site.
So now, let’s sit back and watch the critics…


To: Pokeutopia
Yes, the KS8s can have the HA microphones muted while streaming music, directions, or phone calls. Alternatively, a mixture of HA microphone and streaming is available. The mute or mix must be set up by the Costco technician. I have my KS8s completely muted while streaming sound.


The hearing aid’s microphone. So if I’m in a noisy environment and I want to listen to music without the hearing aid’s microphone switched on with my music, apparently you can’t do it.


I’m not technical & am not sure if this is what you’re talking about, but I know when I was getting fitted with my KS8’s last week, the technician asked me if I wanted to be able to hear around me when listening to music or talking on my iphone. At the time, I wasn’t sure, so not sure how she adjusted it, but I think she gave me some ability to hear things around me besides what was coming through the iphone.


I want the ability to mute or leave the microphone on when listening to music. There is no such settings from when I tested them. Did you buy it at Costco?


Yes. But I think it had to be programmed by the technician.


This week I replaced the domes that Costco provided with the Signature 8 HA’s. Forgive me for my lack of nomenclature, but I believe they are what you referred to as “tulip domes”. I had other domes on my old Starkey’s. They appear to be a “double dome”, that is there are 2 layers. Maybe someone here will correct my improper verbiage. No matter, the point is that these no longer fall out of my ears and I no longer have the sensation that I have to “push in them a bit” as you stated.
Very easy to replace. The double domes that I had in my drawer merely replaced the one’s Costco supplied by pulling off the old and replacing the new.


Thanks Allenmoretsky, I will keep this in mind b/c I’m still struggling trying to get used to something being in my ear. It’s not painful, but just annoying.