KS8 static and no streaming

Hi everyone

I have a pair of KS8’s (Rexton) which have worked well. Several days ago the right one began producing considerable static and crackling noises, and I’m no longer able to stream music or phone calls. The left one appears fine.

The HA’s have been re-paired with my phone several times, and the app appears to be able to control both normally.

Before I head in to Costco does anyone have any further suggestions?

iOS 15.2 on iPhone 12. App is up to date.


Sounds like the receiver has gone, swap the receivers over from your right side, if you want to check it’s not the HA, but the receiver is cheap enough to just replace.

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Thanks for that. Both were replaced by Costco very recently (November and December), so I’m not sure if the receiver would be at fault - unless it’s an early failure.

I might rock in to Costco and get them to take a look anyway.

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An update, for completeness: took it into Costco and they’ve sent it off for repair.

I feel like I should bring this to a close.

Hearing aid back, it was replaced with a new unit under warranty.

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Hopefully the fault doesn’t re service with the new hearing aid.