KS8 questions



Just as an FYI. The magnet is needed if the phone (any kind) has a weak magnet on the speaker. Another reason would be the aid is fitted deep in the canal and it is too far from the phone. If it is a RIC aid try moving your phone up on your ear above where you would normally hold the phone, since the aid is above and behind the ear.


You’re right. I should have said for a RIC and held up near the HA case. I know this. I could have been clearer. I also understand about the magnet. Thanks though.


I have KS8 and use it with an iPhone X as my primary device. Calls come in seamlessly to both hearing aids. I just hold the phone in front of me or have it on the table in front of me so the mic can pickup my voice. Works very well. Music or a movie from the phone will also stream to the hearing aids. If I want to play something from my iPad I just need to turn my iPhone bluetooth off and my iPad bluetooth on. This works as I paired both to the hearing aids.
I also purchased the TV Smart Transmitter. I can turn this on from the APP or by holding down one of the program buttons for about 3 seconds. This works great and streams the TV in stereo the HA and I can control the volume from the APP. The only problem is I need a little flag or hat to put on so my wife knows that I am in this mode as she gets frustrated that she talks to me and I do not respond, but at least the TV volume is not blasting her.
My dislikes are the battery life and the programs. Battery life is only 4-5 days. They say that the telecoil version with the larger battery last longer. The problem with the programs is that I have found none to be effective other than the automatic one and my glasses sometimes changes the program. Some other HAs tell you what program you changed to. These don’t so I have to go the the APP to find out where I am. Probalby should go back to have them adjust the programs.