KS8 - Longer term trial

I got them at the end of Feb. I have had a few adjustments and yesterday had a really good session with my audiologist and the Rexton rep.

I had the firmware update to 6.4 and some things were not as good. I felt the automatic program was not recognizing the environments as well, or not making discernable changes. On microphone pattern I couldn’t hear any difference in Auto and 360, and previously there was a big difference. One by one the Rexton rep walked us through the settings to address my concerns, and she had a couple of ideas on things I didn’t know about.

The result is I think I am very close to set it and forget it. The automatic program, program 1, is handling everything so far, quiet speakers, meetings, road noise, and a loud restaurant.

I did notice that on the automatic program, the different environments are separately tune-able. So we bumped up suppression on the automobile environment and it did a good job this morning recognizing that and lowering it.

I’m not quite ready to say I’m keeping them but I don’t really see myself returning them. The only thing on my list would be a deep fitting mold that reaches the bony portion of the ear canal. After three tries I still don’t have that. But the click sleeves are so comfortable, maybe I should just stick with those.

Bottom line is, I’m hearing everything now, with a tiny hearing aid, with very little, to no, manual adjustments. My hearing loss is moderate, steeply sloping well into profound.

Does the KS8 offer (optionally) a hand controller? My KS5 does and I love it. I do not have an iPhone so I can’t use that control interface which I believe is standard on KS8. The KS4 has only three programs, really two for acoustic reception. I am almost always in P1, P2 meant to favor forward hearing, noisy environments, doesn’t do anything I can really discern.

Interesting you “might keep”. Good thing you purchased from Costco, I doubt any storefront audiologist/provider would not guarantee your satisfaction over such a long period. I believe Costco gives us 90 days. I never considered returning my KS5. I have moderate left, profound right hear loss. Thus I can’t hear high frequencies well on the right even with the aids, something the KS8 can not fix either. Still after almost 5 years on the KS5, I am planning to update/upgrade in the coming months and watch for posted experience on the KS8. Your experience tells me the KS8 is worth the move to. Of course, my KS5 will at sometime fail/wear-out.

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I think there is a hand held remote, but you can also do everything on the rocker switches on the aids themselves.

Costco offers a 180 day return period now, so you can have a nice, long, evaluation period.